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10 Beautiful Gardens and Parks in Tokyo Are Recommended for Photography

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10 Beautiful Gardens and Parks in Tokyo Are Recommended for Photography

Ueno Onshi Park

Ueno Park is a park located in the Ueno area, Taito-ku district, Tokyo, Japan. One of the most famous tourist destinations among tourists with a place for recreation and seeing the blossoming of cherry blossoms.

The park has 10,000 trees, including 1,200 cherry trees. starting from the Japanese Cherry Tree (whose flowers are typical Japanese flowers “Sakura”), Ginko Biloba, and many more.

Yoyogi Park

You can see many things in Yoyogi Park such as sports, dancing, singing, cycling, theater performances, anything and anyone is free to show their action here. Sunday is always the busiest day in Yoyogi Park because it seems that Tokyo residents “spill” in this park.

Kokyo Gaien National Garden

It is a large park located southeast of Kokyo, and is about 500 meters from east to west and 800 meters from north to south. Originally it was a garden of Imperial family, but was opened to the public as a national park in 1949 after World War II.

The main area is covered with gravel roads, lawns and Japanese black pines. It is very wide open space in the center of giant city. And it is the approach to Kokyo, so many tourists visit here.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of largest parks in Tokyo, which consists of three types of gardens. Especially in spring, between end of March and end of April, the Japanese garden is worth a visit when more than 1500 cherry trees turn the landscapes in all shades of white and pink. The perfectly round trimmed azaleas shine in a bright pink and purple in May and June.

You can get to the park by either walking in westward direction from Shinjuku Station or Yoyogi Station or take the Marunouchi line to Shinjuku-Gyoen-Mae station. Another subway station close by is Shinjuku San-chome served by Marunouchi line, Shinjuku line and Fukutoshin line.

Hama Rikyu Garden

Hama Rikyu Garden located in the area called Shiodome in Tokyo and is situated right the middle the tall skyscrapers of the business and commercial complex buildings that were built during the redevelopment of the area in 2004.

There are many interesting things to see in Hamarikyu Gardens. The first thing that you would see in the gardens from the main entrance (Otemon gate) would be a huge old pine tree you will find right next to the entrance of the garden. It is a beautiful huge pine tree of more than 300 years old and will be impressed by its beauty kept since the ancient times.

Hama Rikyu Garden

The park is one of the largest within easy striking distance of the Marunouchi central business district to the northeast, so it is a popular spot for office workers when the weather is nice.

Hibiya Park is a park in Chiyoda Ward surrounded by the Imperial Palace east gardens to the north, The paved area in the center of the park is host to regular events including cultural festivals, concerts and beer festivals.

Ninomaru Garden

The Japanese garden of the Tokyo Imperial Palace can be found in the secondary circle of defense of the palace, the Ninomaru (second circle). The gardens of the Imperial Palace are only open to the public on New Years Day and the Emperor’s birthday (December 23).

Rikugien Garden

Rikugien Garden is a Japanese garden located in the Bunkyo ward of Tokyo. While it is beautiful to visit at any time of the year, we especially recommend visiting Rikugien in the autumn, when the leaves of the trees change color. The admission fee is 300 yen.

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Koishikawa Korakuen  is one of Tokyo’s oldest and best Japanese gardens. Like most traditional Japanese gardens, Koishikawa Korakuen attempts to reproduce famous landscapes in miniature, using ponds, stones, trees and manmade hills to replicate both Japanese and Chinese scenery.

Koishikawa Korakuen is attractive throughout the year, but is especially so in late November and early December during the fall color season. Dozens of maple trees are planted around the garden’s three ponds which turn vibrant shades of orange and red.

Kiyosumi Garden

Kiyosumi Garden is a traditional Japanese stroll garden located in Fukagawa, Tokyo. The teahouse was built in 1909 to welcome Marshal Kitchener of England for his trip to Japan. The teahouse does not really serve a purpose, except that you can rent it to do you own activities.

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