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10 Best Destinations “Travelers Choice 2019” by TripAdvisor

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After hotels and beaches, the world travel site, TripAdvisor announces the best destinations of Travelers Choice 2019 . This year Indonesia, represented by Bali, is back in the top five of the 25 best destinations announced.

Despite falling one rank compared to last year, the beauty of Bali is still the top choice compared to destinations in other countries such as Dubai, Turkey, Barcelona to Phuket. What are the destinations included in the Best Destination 2019 ? Following are the top 10 reviews.

London, United Kingdom

London is the place where Buckingham Palace or the residence of the queen of England is located. In addition to seeing old buildings full of history, there are various tourist destinations that can be visited in the largest metropolitan area in the UK. Among them are Modern Tate, Royal Opera House, Sherlock Holmes Museum, The National Gallery, and free shopping on Oxford Street.

Paris, France

This famous romantic city fell one rank from last year. Even so, Paris romance still amazes tourists and often becomes the setting for drama genre films. Not only Hollywood productions, some Indonesian films are also filming here. The Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are two of the most popular charming icons and must be visited while here.

Rome, Italy

Cities with artistic buildings in the world are the target of art lovers. Starting from the art of sculpture, mosaics, to paintings will be seen from various existing buildings. Dubbed as an eternal city, Rome saves a variety of historical stories that can be witnessed from ancient buildings that still stand. Such as the Colosseum, the gladiatorial arena that was built since the 70th century AD

Crete, Greece

Beach is the main destination if you want to visit Crete. This is because Crete is an island directly adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. Besides the beach, you can also deepen your insights about human history and civilization here, you know. One of the historical stories originating from Crete, namely the birthplace of Zeus, the king of the gods.

Bali, Indonesia

It is undeniable that Bali is the main icon of Indonesian tourism. Natural beauty such as beaches, culture and culinary are the main attractions of foreign tourists to visit the island which is also known as the Gods. Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali is also named as the number 19 best beach in the world.

Phuket, Thailand

On Phuket, you will feel the sensation of the beautiful scenery of the Andaman Sea. Precisely in Laem Phromthep, tourists will be amazed to see the beautiful sunset. About the beach, Phuket has a number of names that have been lost for world divers including Patong Bay, Ao Sane Beach, Kata Beach, Naiharn Beach, and Meridien Beach.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Barcelonistas must have included Barcelona in the travel list right? Just tell me. Apart from being the headquarters of FCB, Barcelona also attracts world tourists with various tourist spots, Church of the Sacred Family, Park Guell, and visiting tourist villages Poble Village Espanyol.

Istanbul, Turkey

Being the center of Turkey’s economy, culture and history makes Istanbul a destination recommended by a world traveler. Muslim tourists visiting Istanbul will definitely take the time to enter and worship at the famous Blue Mosque or Blue Mosque and become one of the icons in Istanbul.

Marrakech, Morocco

Nicknamed the City of Red, tourists can spend their vacation time by visiting two unique civilization tourist attractions namely the old city Siwata in Medina and Gueliz as a modern city icon. Don’t forget to feel the barren air of the Sahara Desert which is a loss to be missed.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Talking about Dubai is certainly not separated from the charm of the height of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. This 828-meter tall building is the highest in the world. If it was once famous for barren land, Dubai is now increasingly preening and presents interesting places that make it one of the world’s favorite destinations.

Various tourist spots that can make eyes stunned include the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, The Dubai Fountain, which is the attraction of a fountain as high as a 50-story building, a stretch of Big Red desert and others. The most famous adrenaline-driven tours here are skydive above Palm Jumeirah and high-speed rides at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Well, that was 10 of the best destinations TripAdvidsor. The 15 other destinations are Prague (Czech Republic), Siem Reap (Cambodia), New York City (New York), Jamaica, Hanoi (Vietnam), Tokyo (Japan), Play del Carmen (Mexico), Lisbon (Portugal) , Khatmandu (Nepal) Jaipur (India), Hurgharda (Egypt), Hong Kong (China), Cusco (Peru), Sydney (Australia), and in the final position there is Tel Aviv (Israel).

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