Best Surfing Spots in Bali

10 Best Surfing Spots in Bali

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This island of gods is one of the tourist attractions visited by many foreign tourists in Indonesia. They came to Bali because they were captivated by the beauty and beauty of this island of gods. when talking about tourist destinations in Bali, one of the interesting topics is the beach in Bali. And if you talk about the beach, then one of the things we can do is hunt waves and do surfing.

This time we will discuss some of the surfing spots in Bali that we can visit. Surf locations are always crowded and are always the target of wave hunters who come to visit Bali. There are several surfing locations that we can visit

Keramas Beach

This beach is one of the tourist destinations in Gianyar that can be said is still quite quiet.

This is because the name of this beach is still not very well known when compared to other tourist locations. Even though this one beach can be one of the interesting surf spots in Bali.

Canggu Beach

If talking about surfing places in Bali, Canggu Beach is one of the destinations that we can’t just ignore. The beach is located in the village of Canggu, sub-district of North Kuta, Badung regency, this is one place that is often visited by tourists.

Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong Beach has quite large waves, attracts tourists to surf, this place is suitable for beginners for experienced surfers. If you are interested and interested in enjoying the waves, you can rent a surfboard and surfing instructor.

Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is perfect for surfing in Bali. Young, novice and professional surfers choose this beach as one of the best surfing activities in Bali. The shape of a sloping beach on the western side, with a curve to the south makes the waves on the beach always large and not short. So that surfing sports lovers have never been disappointed to come to this beach.

Balian Beach

Although Balian Beach is famous for its beautiful waves and a surfer’s paradise, surfers must stay alert to shark attacks. Sometimes bull sharks are seen swimming around the beach.

According to the news, the occurrence of shark attacks in Indonesian waters is very rare, but during this time shark attacks only occur in Balian coastal waters, it is expected for surfers to remain vigilant, no matter even though pro surfers or beginners, Safety is the top priority.

Legian Beach

The beach which is on the north coast of Kuta has a beauty and atmosphere that is almost the same as Kuta Beach. But the difference lies in the number of tourists who come to Legian Beach which are not as many as Kuta beach visitors. So you can feel the atmosphere of Kuta beach more freely.

Uluwatu Beach

The first famous surfing spot in Bali is the Uluwatu area. The city itself has been famous since the 70s, as one of the famous surf destinations. The waves at Uluwatu itself have captured the attention of world surfers. No wonder why this tourist area is always crowded by tourists who want to challenge the waves in Uluwatu.

Seminyak Beach

If you are good at surfing, you can also spend time on Seminyak Beach to challenge the waves there. You will also be able to find surfboard rental services quite easily on this beach. Moreover, you will not be alone. There are many tourists who spend their time surfing here.

Padang-Padang Beach

To surf optimally, you must first swim along the 300 meters to the middle of the sea. Right in the middle of the sea, the waves are quite large with strong underwater currents. This creates its own challenges, so it attracts surfers to conquer waves on Padang Padang Beach.

On the other hand, waves by the sea tend to be calm. Usually, this area is more used by visitors to swim or just play water.

Padang Galak Beach

Padang Galak Beach is very suitable for surfing as the waves are quite “fierce” for surf lovers. Almost every day we see tourists doing surfing activities on this beach. Besides surfing, this beach is perfect for watching the sunrise every morning and just sitting in the afternoon.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is known as a paradise for surfing lovers. Where large sea waves are often used for surfing. Great waves and calm beaches, the perfect mix of enjoying a holiday in Bali.

Balangan Beach is located in South Bali where on the left and right side of the beach are steep cliffs flanking it. To go to the beach, tourists will descend the stairs first.

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