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10 Fun Tips When Your Flight Delayed

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10 Fun Tips When Your Flight Delayed

Traveling or going to a place to do a vacation trip really feels very pleasant right? However, what if your flight is delaying and has to wait a long time? it will definitely make you bored, right? Check out on tips below:

Enjoy meal or drink coffee

Usually when the plane is delayed, the airline will announce the departure schedule for your delayed flight. Things like this usually take a long time to make you have to wait. For those of you who want to do something nice when your plane delays, you can do these first tips. Where you can go find and enjoy cafes around the airport. Not only that, you can also enjoy the food provided at the cafe such as cake or other food and drinks. While waiting for your next departure, you can fill your stomach first and guaranteed that you will not be bored waiting for your delay flight departure schedule.

Take a Rest

Next you can also rest at the airport. This can indeed be said to be the simplest thing or activity you can do when your plane has been delayed. This method can get rid of fatigue and replenish your energy to continue the journey. Not only that, in this way you can also take advantage of the chairs provided by the airport. Usually the airport also provides large seats so you can rest in peace and comfort.

However, there are things that need to be remembered. Where if indeed you want to do something like this and rest at the airport, then you don’t forget to put an alarm on your mobile 30 minutes before departure. This is done so you can make your next trip without missing a flight.

Looking for Friends

Do you often travel alone without being accompanied by friends, family and also your spouse? Well, if something like this happens and you also experience the name of flight delay, then you don’t need to panic and be confused or feel bored because you can try this one tip by hanging out with other passengers. The point here is where you can invite to meet and chat with other passengers who experience the same thing by waiting for the next departure schedule. Here you can start inviting other passengers to start a conversation so that you can talk to him and can overcome the boredom that you felt before.

Playing Games

Tips when delaying the next flight is by sharpening creativity or playing games on mobile phones. Things like this are indeed very exciting and very fun if done while being able to repel the name boredom waiting for the delay schedule. Not only that, if you are traveling alone, with friends, partners or family things like this are indeed the right step to be taken by you.

There are many applications that you can try starting from photo editing features or making funny videos, playing games, reading webtoons and so on according to what you like. Not only that, for now there is also an application that offers fun to color through your mobile. However, you should not mistake this coloring application for not only young children, but it is also good for adults because things like this can hone your creativity. If you have downloaded it on your mobile phone, you can be sure it is very exciting and cool.


Well, next you can also try this activity which is shopping around the airport. Usually at each airport there are several shops that you can visit comfortably. Here you can look around and buy something that suits your wants and needs such as clothing, perfume, cosmetics and other knick-knacks. Not only that, usually at the airport you can also find shops that offer local souvenirs. For that, for those of you who forget or lack buying souvenirs, you can also meet at the airport. For that, the most important thing is that you can get rid of boredom and you can do fun things like this when you experience plane problems delay.

Open the knowledge

This is the important thing to bring a book or novel. Where if there is a delay plane problem then you can take the time to read a book to expel and wait for the next departure schedule determined by the airport.

Listen music

Every trip you make sure you never forget to bring a cellphone right? Well, if you experience such a condition with a long delay plane, then you can use your cellphone to listen to music on your mobile. So you can listen comfortably without having to disturb other passengers by using a headset.

Walking around

Silence and also just sitting there for a long time will certainly feel very bored. For that, as a tip when you delay the plane you can do comfortably, you can get around the airport by looking around. Not only that, here you can also see and enjoy various ornaments and unique interiors at the airport.

Taking Photos

Things like this are certainly very exciting and fun, especially if you go with friends or your spouse. Where by sitting still will certainly make you feel quickly bored without having to do anything else. Therefore, to get rid of boredom and irritation, then you can do tips like this by observing the surroundings and taking pictures. Usually there are many corners of the room that you can use to take pictures and add to your photo collection later.

Watching movies

The last thing that can be done is by watching a movie. Well, for those of you who like movies and want to watch it to get rid of boredom during the flight delay is certainly the right thing for you to do. Usually for those of you who like to watch movies, you will certainly save a movie collection on your smartphone or you can also watch it through a laptop if you bring it.

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