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10 Most Unique Bubble Hotels in the World

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10 Most Unique Bubble Hotels in the World

Buble hotel is a lodging place that is in transparent and quite large bubbles, usually placed in outdoor. Now new innovations have bubble hotels in the world that have been built.

Campera Hotel Burbuja, Mexico

This hotel with the bubble or bubble concept in Mexico turned out to provide an interesting view. Hotel Buble Campera was built in the midst of a lush vineyard. If you enter it there are only beds, lights, dressing tables, small cabinets. As for bathroom services, you have to leave the bubble first. The shape is round like a bubble and transparent, you can enjoy a new sensation that is sleeping with a green environment. Stay with open views but stay warm only in Bubble Hotel Campera Mexico.

Bubbletent Australia, Australia

Is a bubble hotel that presents a mediocre impression in Australia, this hotel is in the Capertee Valley which has many rock cliffs. The hotel’s bubble shape is round and in it is very compact, consisting only of beds, lamps and clothes hangers. You don’t need to worry about running out of the air if you are in it because there is ventilation provided. Interesting view when you wake up is sunrise or sun shines on the eastern horizon. Indeed, when you try bubble the hotel will be a little worried about privacy but the distance between bubble hotels in Australia is a bit far from the other bubble hotels.

Aire De Bardenas, Spain

Buble this hotel is right in the UNESCO Reservation Biosphere area, Bardenas Reales Natural Park. This hotel was built deliberately so that tenants can enjoy and learn to understand the natural area, both flora, and fauna. Take it easy, fauna is not allowed to approach the hotel area because it has been designed so that you are comfortable in it.

Aurora Bubble Nellim Wilderness Hotels, Finland

Buble this hotel is in Finland which is quite close to other hotel bubbles. However, the bubble hotel here is not very transparent if there are cover curtains at night so that residents are more privacy. Curtains can be opened during the day and closed at night either all or partially. In addition, residents of the hotel can also enjoy views of Lake Inari, which is not far from the Buble hotel. If you are lucky then at night you can see the beauty of a shooting star or comet passing through the sky.

Sun City Camp, Jordan

In the Wadi Rum Desert Jordan there is an inn mixed with bubble hotels, but not much. Most tents are for camping and some are for bubble hotels. For camping the shape of the box and in general supplies camping while for the hotel bubble the shape is half circle round. If you stay at Sun City Camp there is no need to worry about privacy being disturbed because every place of stay has a curtain that can be opened to your liking.

Bubble Hotel Uluwatu, Bali

Indonesia also does not want to lose to bubble hotels in the world that create the impression of unique and impressive lodging, precisely in Uluwatu, Bali. Buble this hotel is located near the beach which is quite a privacy because the distance of one hotel bubble with the other bubble hotel is rather far apart and covered by lush coastal plants. However, this Bali hotel bubble does not provide cover curtains so you might be a little worried if you want to change clothes during the day.

The Five Million Star Hotel, Iceland

Iceland also has a bubble hotel, guys, named The Five Million Star Hotel. Buble hotel is very crowded by foreign travelers because of the strategic location of the hotel and the beautiful scenery at night. The Five Million Star Buble This hotel has more complete facilities in its rooms, there are mattresses, heating, clothes rack and lights. If it is winter you will feel sleeping on a pile of cold snow. In addition, your privacy can be maintained with a fairly thick bubble cover. Feel the sensation of star-style sleep in the exotic sky, the auroras of the clear sky of Iceland. The food menu at the Buble hotel is provided by the manager, you can simply order through a message machine available in the room.

Nuit Nature, France

The next Buble hotel you can find in France, Western Europe is called Nuit Nature Buble Hotel. The bubble hotel design in Nuit Nature prioritizes the view of the Alps and you can also see the highest mountain appearance in Western Europe, Mont Blanc. If at night you can also enjoy the view of the starry sky and the glitter of the light from the house below. Spring and autumn holidays are very well spent at the Buble Hotel Nuit Nature.

Dome Garden

Buble Dome Garden Hotel offers the same service as five-star hotels in the UK. This attractive and unique bubble design has several mini bubbles that you can use to relax like a place to watch television shows. Soft and clean bedrooms and special food menus won’t make you disappointed later. If you go out at night, of course, you have to bring your friends so you don’t get lost, while making a bonfire and singing with other friends. When the sun appears in the morning, you can simply open your eyes without opening the window curtains because the transparent layer of bubbles makes it easy for you to look around.

Forest Domes

The state of Northern Ireland also does not want to be outdone by another country that is trending to make a bubble hotel, named Forest Domes Buble Hotel. The hotel is located near Finn Lough Lake and you can also enjoy diving rides when staying at Buble Forest Domes. To stay here, you must book in advance because the rooms are still very limited. Extra 24-hour service also makes the guest feel at home for a long time in this hotel bubble.

The list above is a bubble hotel in the world that is crowded with local and foreign tourists, although there are several bubble hotels that provide closing curtains and more privacy, sometimes the feeling of comfort is not maximal because in the open. That doesn’t matter if you really try a new sensation of staying at Buble Hotels. In terms of security, the bubble hotel is also guarded 24 hours by reliable security, expert language translator staff and appropriate online ordering of responses. Enjoy bubble hotels and enjoy being friendly and learning to love nature.

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