Most Delicious Foods in Bangkok

10 The Most Delicious Foods in Bangkok Favored by Tourists

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10 The Most Delicious Foods in Bangkok Favored by Tourists

Vacation to Bangkok , Thailand, so it feels incomplete if it is not accompanied by delicious food tasting activities. Because, this one destination is also known as one of the delicious culinary paradise in the world. The authentic taste of the White Elephant Country has always managed to make anyone who tries to become addicted.

Another reason that makes good food in Bangkok so popular with travelers is the cheap price. Very suitable for backpackers who vacation with mediocre funds. If in the near future you also have plans to vacation in the country, don’t forget to note the culinary delights typical of the Thousand Pagoda Country below. Everything must be tried!

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the best foods in Bangkok that you will often find while in the Thai culinary tourism area. Fried Shahe fen/chinese noodle dishes cooked with various supplements such as sprouts, shrimp, eggs or chicken are very rich in flavor. Because, the spices used are quite diverse ranging from acid, chili, palm sugar, fish sauce, or dried shrimp. The portions are large enough so that you are suitable to enjoy after a day of adventure exploring exciting tourist attractions in the Thousand Pagoda Country.

Tom Yam

Who doesn’t know Tom Yam? One of the Thai specialties is very famous among culinary lovers, you know. A serving of Tom Yam is filled with various kinds of seafood with a broth with a spicy sour taste. It feels so fresh!

Som Tam

Delicious food in Bangkok is really necessary for you to enjoy traveling there in the summer. Som Tam is a raw papaya salad that is dominated by spicy and sour taste. So delicious, this culinary was once entered into the list of 50 of the World’s Deliciousest Foods in CNN in 2011, you know.

Nai Mong Hoy Tod

Nai Mong Hoy Tod is an oyster omelette from Thailand. Because the portions are not so big, this culinary is more suitable to be used as a snack on the stomach. The crispy omelette provided with oyster filling feels more delicious when dipped with special sauce. The savory taste is definitely addictive.

Khao Pad Poo

Actually, the Khao Pad Poo is not much different from fried rice. The difference is the use of crab meat as a basic ingredient. The spices used are very diverse so as to produce the perfect flavor combination of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. A serving of Khao Pad Poo can make your body re-energize after walking all day walking around looking for cool tourist spots in Bangkok.

Kanom Krok

When viewed at a glance, this Krok Kanom is indeed similar to a mini pancake. The ingredients are made from coconut milk and cooked on a charcoal pan. The mold used is slightly more concave and smaller. The taste produced is sweet and savory. You can choose your own favorite toppings . Starting from leeks, sweet corn, to taro. It’s even better if you eat it when it’s fresh.

Fried Insects

Imagine how does a scorpion, maggot, caterpillar, or grasshopper taste fried? Extreme culinary such as fried insects turned out to be very popular with travelers. For those of you who like the adrenaline test, there’s no harm in tasting this food. But, for those who are easily disgusted, you should never try it. This delicious food in Bangkok can be easily found in culinary markets such as the Khaosan Road area.

Kha Niew Ma Muang

Not yet to Thailand if you don’t try Kha Niew Ma Muang. This delicious food in Bangkok is better known as Mango sticky rice . As a sweet food fan, of course you know this one menu. Fluffy sticky rice is served together with legit mango and coconut cream pieces. This dish is really suitable to be eaten as a snack when hanging out exciting with fellow traveler friends.

Kaeng Khiao Wa

His name is rather difficult to pronounce. To make it easier for you to remember, you can call it the nickname green curry. The color in the dish comes from green chili. The resulting taste is predominantly sweet and spicy.

Khanom Bueang

Khanom Bueang is indeed one of the best-selling street food in Bangkok, Thailand after mango rice. Crispy from White Elephant Country made from coconut milk filled with meringue.

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