Matamata New Zealand

10 Things To Do in Matamata The North Island in New Zealand

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10 Things To Do in Matamata The North Island in New Zealand

Matamata is one of the cities in New Zealand. Indeed, this city is not as famous as other cities, but that does not mean that you cannot find peace and comfort here. Many tourist attractions in New Zealand , one of which is in Matamata. Every year this place is always crowded with tourists from various countries, especially from the Asian Continent. They assume that Matamata is a decent place to explore after work routines.

Hobbiton Movie Set

Ever watched the lord of the rings or The Hobbit film series? this is where the film is taken. Thirty-seven hobbit holes were originally created with untreated timber, ply and polystyrene.

After the 2011 rebuild, there are now 44 unique hobbit holes, the Green Dragon Pub, Mill, double arched bridge and the famous Party Tree. Now a permanent attraction complete with hobbit holes, gardens, bridges, Mill and The Green Dragon Inn when rebuilt since 2011.

Wairere Falls

This place is a waterfall that actually has a difference with the location of waterfalls in general. If generally the waterfall below is only filled with rocks, but in Wairere Falls will find the rocks filled with moss and greenery.

This is what makes anyone who comes first to Wairere Falls will be immediately amazed by the scenery that is so green with the freshness of the waterfall. The water here is also very clean and even when you use it to wash your face, your face will immediately feel so fresh.

Firth Tower Museum

Known locally as ‘the Duke of Matamata’ and built in 1882. The locations sought for those who want to get information about history from Matamata or New Zealand in general.

There are many collections of antiques and unique things that will make you know the moment or event that happened at that time This is because most of the objects here are also equipped with an explanation of when it was discovered and what history is like.

The Green Dragon Inn

The Green Dragon Inn is one of the tourist locations which can also be used as a place to calm down. There are also eating places that provide a variety of delicious food menus. You can taste it while feeling how cool it is at The Green Dragon Inn.

This place not only functions as a tourist location, it is also an inn that is often used by tourists who are on vacation for a long time. The Green Dragon Inn is a tourist spot that is one of the most unique in Matamata.

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