12 Cities Are The Right Place for Indie Music Lovers

12 Cities Are The Right Place for Indie Music Lovers

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12 Cities are the Right Place for Indie Music Lovers

Music and the entertainment industry are always attached to two places, namely London and Los Angeles. Not wrong, as a world entertainment center, both are flooded with talented musicians who want to try their luck or work there.

However, it is not limited to the two cities. Cities in the following world are also known as cities of music with a myriad of talented musicians who are actively working. No wonder if you will find a gig or their small concert that is not less exciting than the concert of famous musicians. Especially for indie music lovers, the following cities will definitely want you to visit one day.

Dublin, Ireland

The capital of Ireland produced many talented indie musicians who eventually continued their careers by moving to London when they had joined the big label. Not only boy bands and solo singers, Dublin has a myriad of indie bands that are ready to shake the world.

Athens, Greece

Several miles east of Atlanta is a long-running hotbed of indie-rock that is often overlooked on a national level. Athens, Ga., is responsible for indie icons like the B-52s, R.E.M. and Neutral Milk Hotel, and jamband giants like Widespread Panic, Drive By Truckers and Perpetual Groove. Those two scenes have created an atmosphere that has spawned some awesomely strange experimental indie bands like Reptar and Futurebirds.

Manchester, England

Not only famous for its football clubs, Manchester is known as the home town of several famous bands such as The Smiths and Oasis. The cold and often unfriendly Manchester air is said to have inspired many people to work. You can also find new talents in this city.

Besides Manchester, another city famous for its indie musicians in the United Kingdom is Bristol.

Portland, Oregon

Before Elliott Smith, Portland’s primary musical contribution to the universe was the Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie.” But Smith, on albums like Roman Candle and Either/Or, sketched a virtual map of the city with his whispery voice, and he went so far as to adopt a local street name, Elliott Street.

Austin, United States

The music center in Texas is actually the city of Denton, but since Austin was chosen as the organizer of the largest art festival in the United States entitled SXSW, the city has become one of the cities that produces many talented indie musicians in America.

Melbourne, Australia

Not only musicians, Melbourne is also home to many young artists who feel comfortable living in the city. Maybe it’s because the composition of the population is quite diverse, so people with any background feel welcome here. There are actually three cities of music in Australia, namely Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. These three cities are the producers of the best indie musicians in Australia and some have proven their abilities in the international arena.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is also known as a music center in Germany. Many indie musicians started their careers in this city before going international. Not only bands, there are many soloists who started from the capital city of Germany. Large music festivals are routinely held in this city.

Singapore City, Singapore

In Asia, there are actually Tokyo and Seoul which are famous as the entertainment industry center in Asia. However, for indie bands and singers, Singapore is arguably one of the centers. In this city you can find many artists, including musicians who started their careers from below. Many festivals and gigs are held in this city.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has long existed as the mecca of country music, but we are more interested in the city’s indie rock scene that is quickly becoming one of the best in the country. The city is home to Jack White’s Willy Wonka-esque Third Man Records, and other artists like The Black Keys and Kills have relocated there as well.

Brooklyn, New York

This one may be pretty obvious, but there are so many sub-scenes in Brooklyn that constantly keep the borough among the most interesting scenes in the country. Specifically, the current indie/garage rock scene has seen a major revival. That is more apparent than ever with the second annual Gigawatts Festival on the horizon.

Montreal, Canada

Much like Toronto, this Canadian city has been producing some huge acts from a variety of different genres. Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade have paved the way for the city’s indie-rock community, but Montreal’s EDM scene is one of the best in the world.

Washington, D.C. USA

Beyond the monuments and tourist traps, the nation’s capital has become home to a thriving electronic/indie-pop scene. Local DJs Nadastrom and Tittsworth are often cited as creating the wildly popular Moombahton scene at the U Street Music Hall. That venue has helped to created a tightly-knit community of local and international DJs.

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