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14 Things You Must Buy in Malaysia for Souvenirs

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14 Things You Must Buy in Malaysia for Souvenirs

Miniature of the Petronas Tower

Petronas Tower is one of the tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur that has the attraction of tourists when visiting Malaysia. Petronas Tower or KLCC is a twin building with 88 floors. Petronas towers are one of the distinctive features of Malaysia, so many petronas miniatures are made by artists and sold as souvenirs from Malaysia. Souvenirs from the Minronas tower are used as the main choice when looking for souvenirs from Malaysia.

Malaysian Batik/Songket

Batik and songket are Malaysian traditional textiles, possessing a unique design. Malaysian Batik is famous for its bright colors and thick prints. Songket on the other hand, is silk or cotton brocade woven with silver or gold thread. The intricate designs on textiles make great decorations around the house as tablecloths, pillowcases or even as statement art piece.

Malaysian T-shirt

It’s not complete to go around the City of Kuala Lumpur without buying Malaysian T-shirts for family souvenirs at home. This typical Malaysian shirt generally reads Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Love KL, and much more. You can buy this Malaysian t-shirt at a price of around 18 MYR.


As with shirts, key chains can also be typical Malaysian souvenirs that you must bring home. If you want to buy in large quantities, you should go to Chinatown. Because, here you can get a more affordable price offer.

The area is also commonly known to the local community as Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. Here, you can buy half a dozen key chains or refrigerator patches that are sold at a price of RM5.


Here, kerongsang is classified as jewelry which is generally made using metals ranging from gold, silver, to brass and equipped with safety pins on the back. However, there are also shells made of plastic, glass, and crystals that are beautified with diamonds or gemstones. With diverse motives, this accessory can certainly make your appearance more elegant. The price is quite diverse, starting from RM30.

Snow Globe

The size of the Snow Globe is quite diverse, ranging from 8 cm to 10 cm in diameter. No need to worry about budgeting, because this interesting souvenir is only priced at 21 MYR.

Labu Sayong

Generally, this piece of furniture is made using clay which is burned to the color black. Labu Sayong itself is used as a place to store drinking water like a jug.

To enhance its appearance, Labu Sayong is also decorated with unique carving motifs. Ranging from traditional decorative motifs, such as flowers, rice, bamboo shoots, cape flowers, until the cloves are some of the things you can find … If you have plenty of time, take the time to visit the Labu Sayong producer center in Kuala Dal village or Mukim Sayong only 1 km from Kuala Kangsar.

Fish Snack

The snacks come from the fish meat typical of Penang Island. This snack has a variety of flavors ranging from salty, sweet, savory and spicy.

Tambun biscuit/Tau Sar Piah

Iconic cake in Penang which is famous for Tau Sar Piah (round Chinese cake). This family-run business was founded in 1948 by a Chinese immigrant and is now run by the 3rd generation of family descendants. Him Heang offers a variety of local pastries made fresh every day without additional preservatives. Over the years, Tau Sar Piah has been publicly recognized by many locals and tourists, making it a souvenir that must be purchased in Penang today.


Chocolate is a souvenir from Malaysia that has a different taste from other chocolates. Malaysia ranks 5th as the best chocolate in the world and becomes the first most delicious chocolate at the Asian level. Some chocolate shops that are visited by many tourists.

Chocolate Durian, don’t know whether you like durian or not, but chocolate is still chocolate. Even though durian fruit has a sharp smell, but when mixed with chocolate it is still sweet.

White Coffee

Penang also has white coffee drinks that are enjoyed by many people. This unique drink is a staple food for many Kopitiams in Penang, which is enjoyed by local residents and tourists.

White Curry Noodle

What distinguishes this instant noodle is chili paste and non-dairy creamer which gives the soup a rich and soft texture. When it was first launched, this noodle was very difficult to found so people became frenzy to try to get it. Some will even buy large quantities from factories in Penang, to be distributed to friends at home. Fortunately, they are now easily available in most supermarkets.

Boh Tea

Founded in 1929 by JA Russell, BOH Plantations is the largest tea producer in Malaysia with tea gardens along the slopes of Cameron Highlands. Besides black tea, they also produce tea with unique flavors such as passion fruit, lime and ginger, mango, gray earl with tangerines and mandarin oranges.

Adopt a Turtle

Adopt turtles on behalf of your friends and help save turtles in Terengganu. By adopting turtles, you will help WWF in their efforts to protect these national icons to ensure that they are there for future generations. You will receive cute turtle plush toys, info cards and certificates that you can give to your friends. Donations start from MYR 38 monthly.

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