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15 Best Vacation Spots in Tenerife Spain ( Things to do )

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15 Best Vacation Spots in Tenerife Spain ( Things to do )

Tenerife is one of the islands that is still part of Spain. Tenerife is an island with various climate zones. There are also various cultural influences here, and of course, there are many tourist attractions.

If you travel to Tenerife there are many things you can do there. Not only can you swim in the clean sea, but you can also see other things that are not less interesting than other tourist spots in Spain.

El Teide National Park

The native inhabitants of Tenerife, known as “Guanches”, refer to this tourist spot in Tenerife “Echeyde”, which means hell. For them, this is a place with the power of an evil spirit.

El Teide, which has a height of 3,718 meters, is the highest mountain in Spain and the third highest volcano in the world. If you want to have a very special experience in Tenerife, we strongly recommend that you visit this national park.

Masca Small Village

The next tourist spot in Tenerife that can make you recognize Spanish culture on this island is the small village of Masca. This place is isolated from civilization. This small village can only be reached through very narrow roads.

Masca is located above the canyon which has the same name namely Barranco de Masca and is located in the Teno mountains. About 100 residents live in this beautiful location. For a unique experience, take part in a four-hour walking tour that passes through the Masca canyon.


Taganana is one of the tourist spot in Tenerife which is located at the northernmost point of Tenerife where there are high cliffs and incredible sea views.

With wild, romantic landscapes filled with rocks, Taganana also has beaches, and terraced fields and historic Canary architecture.

This small town in the middle of the Anaga mountains is very worth visiting. Taganana was founded in 1501, and because it is one of the oldest cities on the entire island.


An ancient tourist spot in Tenerife is Garachico. This area was founded 500 years ago by Garachico Italian traders and eventually became the economic center of Tenerife.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you feel like you are exploring a city in a tourist place in Italy , because of its similar nuances. Understandably the founder was an Italian.

At Garachico today, you will find beautiful buildings and large city halls. The city center is a car-free zone and contains small hidden gardens, such as “Rincón de los Poetas”. In the pedestrian area, you can take a bath in a natural swimming pool made of solid lava.

Los Gigantes

The full name of this tourist spot in Tenerife is Los Alcantilados de Los Gigantes which means the second highest cliff in Europe. It is 500 meters high and almost vertical.

“Los Gigantes” is a remarkable structure of rocks that is naturally beautifully arranged and is only here in Tenerife. The best place to look at this giant is from the waters. You can do this by renting a boat from the port. Even when you reach the area near Los Gigantes, you can see whales swimming between your ships.

Loro Park

In Tenerife you can also find a zoo. The zoo tourist spot in Tenerife is called Loro Parque which was recently chosen as the best zoo in Europe.

This zoo was once just a small park which is a parrot park so called loro in Spanish which means Nuri. This small park then developed into a residence for other animals and a growing collection of parrots, making it a zoo with the largest collection of parrot in the world.

Besides the tourist attractions above, Tenerife still has some good places to visit. Here is a list of extras that we can recommend from tourist attractions in Tenerife.

  • Cueva del Viento
  • El Médano
  • Siam Park
  • Teide
  • Playa de las americas
  • Grand Canaria
  • Lago Martianez
  • Historical military muscos
  • Pyramids of Güímar
  • Tenerife Submarine Experience
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