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15 Places You Must Visit in Coron Philippines ( Things To Do )

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15 Places You Must Visit in Coron Philippines ( Things To Do )

Coron is the third largest island in northern Palawan in the Philippines. If you hear the name of this island, many immediately imagine the turquoise sea and white sand beach that make the eyes directly lead to its beauty.

And it turns out, if we want to go to Coron, Palawan, if we fly from Manila, we only need one hour to get to this beautiful island. Many say that Coron, Palawan is as beautiful as Raja Ampat in Indonesia or Halong Bay in Vietnam.

This place is also a small town on the coast that has many hills directly from the coast. And it must be admitted, that this one island, is very beautiful and has many extraordinary destinations that we can visit.

Twin Lagoon

In the twin lagoon, we can enjoy the sensation of two springs. What’s interesting is, why is this place said to be a twin lagoon? because, this place has two adjoining lagoons. Which of course we can enjoy while swimming while enjoying its extraordinary beauty. Not only that, in the first lagoon we can get there using boat access.

Kayangan Lake

This lake is famous and very special, because the lake and the water are extraordinary. The water is very clear and the color is amazing, so it is very suitable if in Coron, there are many beautiful islands that are very worth to visit in Coron.

Mount Tapyas

Mount Tapyas is the second highest mountain and one of the most dominant land features in the city of Coron. The road to this place can be easily accessed by foot. Indeed the road is far enough to get to the top, but you don’t need to worry about visiting this mountain, because you will really have a great experience.

Banana Island

This island is much quieter than the Malcupuya island. What’s interesting about this beach is that there are many coconut trees that are designed to install hammocks and relax with cool breeze. And indeed these coconut trees are lined up on this beach for the beautiful scenery provided in this place.

  • Bulalacao Island
  • Banol Beach
  • Coral Garden
  • Bulog Island
  • Skeleton Reef
  • Smith Beach
  • North Cay
  • Kalintang Beach
  • Kingfisher Park
  • Mount Darala
  • Siete Pecados
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