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15 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo is the capital city of Japan which is very well known as well as being the most populous region in Japan. In addition, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan city in the world based on its population. Every day more than 12 million people live in Tokyo and hundreds of thousands of others commute from the surrounding area. Tokyo is the center of business, politics, economics, culture and academia in Japan. This makes the beauty of the metropolis and modern life a tourist spot.

There are many famous tourist attractions in Tokyo that you must visit while on vacation in Japan. The following is a list of attractions in Japan that are amazing.

Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo

Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the northern Tokyo Bay between the north of Shibaura Pier and Odaiba beachfront in Minato, Tokyo.

This bridge has a length of about 798 meters. The structure of the bridge looks very modern and at night has the color of a lamp like a rainbow. In addition, when you walk past Rainbow Bridge, you will see a view of skyscrapers in the city of Tokyo.

Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace or Tokyo Imperial Palace is the residence of the Emperor of Japan. This famous place is a large park located in the Chiyoda enclosed area until Tokyo Station.

This building consists of imperial family residences, museums, administrative offices, and others. Initially this place was closed to the public, but in 1949 the Tokyo Imperial Palace complex area was opened to the public and could go around for free.

Hachiko Statue, Shibuya

The history of this statue starts from a dog that every day comes to Shibuya Station to meet his master, a professor.

After the professor died in 1925, Hachiko continued to come to the station every day until his death almost 10 years later. So the story became a legend and a memory was formed in the form of a statue in front of Shibuya Station.

Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo

Tokyo Disney Resort is an amusement park located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, near from Tokyo. This famous tourist spot in Tokyo was opened on April 15, 1983. This tourist attraction is operated by the Oriental Land Company with a license from The Walt Disney Company.

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum is the oldest and largest of Japan’s top-level national museums, which also include the Kyoto National Museum, the Nara National Museum and the Kyushu National Museum. Tokyo National Museum is the sixth-largest art museum in the world by gallery space (38,000 square meters).

Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City is a leisure complex in central Tokyo consisting of the Tokyo Dome-baseball stadium, an amusement park, spa “LaQua”, a variety of shops and restaurants and Dome Hotel. You can enjoy various rides, entertainment facilities including kids play room, roller skating, bowling, watching hero show, baseball game, horse racing, game centers, spa, shopping mall, restaurants and Japanese garden.

Edo-Tokyo Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is just east of the Ryogoku Kokugikan in the Ryogoku area of Tokyo, close to the Sumida River, and is immediately identifiable by its distinctive architecture. The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a museum of the history of Tokyo during the Edo period. It was established in 1993.

Ameya Yokocho

Ameya Yokocho is an open-air market in the Taito Ward of Tokyo, Japan, located next to Ueno Station. The crowded street has a line of stalls with barkers selling food,clothes,souvenirs and many small food stalls too.

Yanaka, Tokyo

Yanaka is located in the Taito district, which survived the 1923 earthquake and airstrikes in the second world war. This is the right place for tourists who want to experience the true local atmosphere of Tokyo.

Some of the activities that you can do in Yanaka are to visit Yanaka Ginza, where 70 traditional shops lined up a small street of approximately 170 meters. You can shop unique traditional items and try local food at relatively cheap prices.

Asakusa, Tokyo

Asakusa retains the vibe of an older Tokyo, with traditional craft shops and street-food stalls along Nakamise Street near the ancient Sensoji temple.

At Nakamise Shopping Street, there are around 90 shops selling various kinds of Japanese souvenirs

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