Tokyo Tower

15 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo SkyTree

Completed in 2012, Tokyo Skytree has quickly become a new symbol of Tokyo. Its striking white profile is visible throughout much of the city, adding a new, bold futuristic touch to the urban skyline.

Tokyo Skytree is not just the tower, but includes the huge, multi-story, split-level shopping, dining and entertainment complex called Tokyo Skytree Town that the tower presides over. Most of Tokyo Skytree Town is taken up by the Solamachi shopping and dining mall, and which also includes museums, an aquarium and souvenir shops.

Shinto Nezu Shrine

Many Shinto temples are scattered in Tokyo, but Shinto Nezu Temple is often missed by many Japanese tourists. If you visit Yanaka, you can walk to Nezu Temple which is located in the Bunkyo district.

The temple is also famous as the venue for the Azalea flower festival in early April to early May. So, don’t miss Nezu Temple in your list of tourist destinations, if you plan to visit Tokyo in the spring.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

This temple has a large garden and is suitable for relaxing walks. This temple was completed and was depicted for Emperor Meji and his wife in 1920. This temple was destroyed in World War II, but can be rebuilt.

This tourist spot is located next to the Harajuku station and adjacent to Yoyogi Park.

Okutama, Tokyo

Want to enjoy the outdoors in Tokyo? Can! Just visit the small town of Okutama, located west of Tokyo. There you can enjoy the beauty of forests, mountains, rivers and lakes while doing various outdoor activities.

You also explore the natural limestone cave, Nippara Limestone Cave, as deep as 800 meters with a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Inside there, you can find various sizes of stalactites illuminated by beautiful colorful lights.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Tower is a tower in Shiba Park with a height of 332.6 m and is the tallest steel building in the world.

The Tokyo Tower is known as a symbol of the city of Tokyo and a tourist spot of its use as an analog TV transmitter, digital local TV and FM radio.

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