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16 Favorite Destination in Honolulu Hawaii by Nature Lovers

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16 Favorite Destination in Honolulu Hawaii by Nature Lovers

Hawaii is one of the famous tourist destinations in the United States . This state of the United States is already famous for its various types of tourist destinations that are very interesting and tempting. Not a few tourist destinations in Hawaii that are always crowded with visitors. Those who come on vacation not only come from America and Hawaii.

However, not a few tourists come to visit from other countries. The beauty and uniqueness of the culture and the beauty of its natural attractions make Hawaii have its own value when compared to the others. There are so many areas in Hawaii that have always been a mainstay tourist destination. One of them is the Honolulu area which is always crowded with visitors.

Hanauma Bay

Apart from being a very beautiful and attractive tourist destination, this one bay area is also a nature reserve and a place for marine biota conservation. There are many different types of marine biota found in this one bay. The bay which is shaped like a crescent moon, is one location that has many green turtles. This area is an area that is used for the maturation of green turtles.

Waikiki Beach

This famous beach in Hawaii is a monitor that is quite crowded with tourists. This beach is one of the beaches located in the Honolulu area. The name of this beach as one of the famous tourist destinations for a long time.

Even since 1800 this one beach is one of the beaches frequented by the Hawaiian royal family. This beach is one of the most important centers of the Hawaii tourism industry.

As one of the main attractions of Hawaii beach tourism. So it is not surprising that this one beach is very popular among many tourists. If the holiday season is arriving, so many tourists come from various countries to be able to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of this one.

Pearl Harbor

The location is a United States military base. This bay is often visited by tourists to look at the condition of this bay. In addition, sometimes there are also some victims of the Pearl Harbor tragedy who came to pray together to support their families who have died.

Pearl Harbor base itself has been used as the headquarters of the United States-owned navy since the 1800s. So it is not surprising that the sea pearl harbor base is one of the most important and strategic sea bases for the United States armed forces.

Diamond Head

Hawaii is an island that can be said to be “alive”. This is because there are still active volcanoes that routinely emit lava. The hot lava that meets sea water will freeze and harden.

As one of the areas traversed by the Pacific volcano path, it is not surprising that Hawaii is a region that is always overshadowed by volcanic eruptions. From several volcanoes in Hawaii. One of the famous mountains is Diamond Head. English name was given by British sailors in the 19th century, who mistook calcite crystals on the adjacent beach for diamonds.

USS Arizona Memorial

This tourist place in Honolulu is a fairly historic monument. We all know that naval bases that are quite important for the United States are very important. This was what caused Japan to attack the base in 1941.

Starting from the attack, the United States finally entered the World War II war. The USS Arizona Memorial itself was built in 1961, this development aims to commemorate the soldiers who died in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • Iolani Palace
  • Koko Head
  • Manoa Falls
  • Nuʻuanu Pali
  • Honolulu Zoo
  • USS Missouri (BB-63)
  • Ala Moana Regional Park
  • Waikiki Aquarium
  • Kapiʻolani Regional Park
  • Makapuʻu Beach
  • Bishop Museum
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