17 Attraction in Hanoi Vietnam (Things To Do)

17 Attraction in Hanoi, Vietnam (Things To Do)

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There are 3 regions of Vietnam, namely North Vietnam, Central Vietnam and South Vietnam. For North Vietnam, the tourist center is in Hanoi, many historical, cultural, and central government attractions are found. With the many Hanoi tourist destinations that can be explored, LandDisposition will recommend places that you must visit.

Ho Tay Lake

Hanoi “the City of Thousand Lakes” because it has many lakes which are scattered everywhere. One of the largest and widest is Ho Tay Lake, covering an area of ​​400 hectares and even many say more than that. Initially the lake was not named, maybe because there are many lakes in Hanoi. Finally in the 15th century Barulan was named Hotay. If you intend to come here, the lake is only 300 meters from the Vietnam Presidential Palace. Close enough and can be reached on foot.

Pagoda Tran Quoc

Tran Quoc Pagoda (Chua Tran Quoc) is the oldest Buddhist temple in Hanoi. This pagoda is located in a small village south of Ho Tay Lake. It was first built during the reign of Emperor Ly Nam Dee, between 544 and 548. At that time, the pagoda was named Khai Quoc and is still located on the banks of the Red River (Red River). In 1615, the pagoda was then moved to a small island called Kim Ngu which means “golden fish”. With the mainland of Hanoi, this island and the Tran Quoc Pagoda are connected by a small road. Aside from being a place of worship, this pagoda is also a favorite tourist attraction of many tourists.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The museum was built on the basis of respect for the president Ho Chi Minh who had succeeded in fighting for Vietnam’s independence in his time. The President of Ho Chi Minh is known as uncle, so called because to maintain an kinship. During his leadership, president Ho Chi Minh was known to be friendly. The most unique, the material from the construction of this building came from the Vietnamese community as a tribute to the president. If you want to visit, you can get in for free. But remember the rules here are quite strict, like you have to wear clothes that are polite and not be allowed to take pictures and point fingers.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter

It is a road with 36 roads that you can pass. Here you can take a stroll to see the beautiful city of Hanoi while shopping for unique items or souvenirs from Vietnam. What is unique about this place is that every Hanoi Old Quarter road is named after the shop name at the end of the road. So many roads, you can shop all day. Over night, the sights of Hanoi’s Old Quarter are getting prettier with city ​​lights.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the center of Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city. It is the position to connect between the old quarter such as Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Cau Go, Luong Van Can, Lo Su. The autumn is very beautiful in this lake which gives an effective reflection of the object. Walk around the lake is also a place for residents of the capital to visit fireworks at the annual national festival.

Temple of Literature

This building is a temple commonly referred to as Imperial College. Formerly, the temple was used as a place of study by the sons of the pilgrims and also places of worship. This temple is also the first and oldest university in Vietnam. It is located on Jalan Van Mieu Street, you can visit from morning to evening.

Hanoi Military Museum

Here you will be treated to various kinds of equipment and weapons of war to the transportation used at that time. War planes and helicopters plastered neatly in this museum. In addition, many photos were also shown of accessories, maps and other historical objects that made memories of the period of independence. Hanoi Military Museum is located on Dien Boen Phu Street, built in 1805 to 1812. Not only foreign tourists often come, but also local tourists because this museum is a special memory for Vietnamese citizens.

Flag Tower of Hanoi

Hanoi flagpole is now the most intact and monumental project in the population of Thang Long Citadel. Hanoi flagpole is located on Dien Bien Phu street, with ancient nacre trees growing around and at the foot of a luxuriant longan garden. This monument is located next to the Hanoi Military Museum

Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long

Thang Long Citadel is a complex of relics associated with the history of Thang Long Hanoi. This massive architectural work was built by the kings in many historical periods and became the most important monument in the system of Vietnamese relics. This citadel was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. Located in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

Quan Son Lake

Quan Son Lake is a weekend tourist destination, one of many options for a day trip around Hanoi. Quan Son is a 850-hectare lake in the territory of 5 communes, My Duc district, about 50km from Hanoi. The Quan Son landscape is beautiful because the combination of limestone mountains on the surface of the lake, on the water is vegetation like lotus etc.

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