17 Attraction in Hanoi Vietnam (Things To Do)

17 Attraction in Hanoi, Vietnam (Things To Do)

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St. Joseph’s Cathedral

If you have the opportunity to tour Hanoi , do not miss the opportunity to visit the Cathedral. Hanoi Cathedral is designed in European medieval Gothic architectural style. This is a very popular architectural style in the 12th century in the Renaissance in Europe. In general, the church is about 65m long, about 21m wide, two bell towers of 32m high. With such a height, visitors can see the splendor and majesty of this cathedral. At the top of the church is a stone crucifix, below which is a clock and a holy statue, creating a highlight for the church architecture.

Mount Tram

Mount Tram belongs to Phung Chau Commune, Chuong My district. About 30 km from the center of Hanoi . To get here, you drive along Highway 6 toward Hoa Binh, to the town of Chuc Son, Chuong My district will have a sign to turn right into Tram Pagoda. The charm of Tram Mountain is the long trails created by climbers over a long period of time, along with the rolling white cliffs on the cliff. This place shows a charming and poetic beauty.

Vietnam Museum Of Ethnology

Located on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, about 8 km from the city center, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a museum of ethnography which focuses on the 54 officially recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam. For over 10 years of construction and development, up to now, the Vietnam Museum Ethnology in Vietnam have become cultural destination-history attracts many foreign tourists enjoy visiting.

Hoa Lo Prison Memorial

Hoa Lo Prison is located on Hoa Lo Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (which is located on the land of Phu Khanh village of Vinh Xuong district, Tho Xuong district) built by French colonialists in 1896, is only 4 years after the “landing”. Hoa Lo has a total area of ​​more than 12,000 m2, is one of the largest and most solid prison in Indochina at that time. In addition to torture images, brutal offense of humiliation, the savage guillotine has brought the Hoa Lo Prison to the top 5 most horrifying destinations in Southeast Asia.

Việt Phủ Thành Chương

When you come here, the first feeling that comes to you is probably a nostalgic feeling between quiet space. In addition to 3 typical ancient houses, there are many other beautiful architecture works, such as the outdoor worship area of ​​Buddha. It is decorated solemnly with the Buddha statue in the middle, surrounded by stone incense trees, the two stone steps leading up to the Buddha’s feet have placed many ornamental plants, adding to the beauty of the place of worship.

Viet Phu is located in Keo Ca lake, Hien Ninh commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi, about 35 minutes drive from the city center, 15 minutes from Noi Bai airport.

Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park is only about 50 km west of Hanoi, so it takes only 2 hours and located in the Ba Vì mountain range. The best time to travel to Ba Vi is from April to October. You can move to Ba Vi National Park by bus, car or motorbike. Ba Vi is famous as an ideal destination for tourists who love the cool fresh air and the wild and majestic scenery of the mountain forest nature.

Hàm Lợn Lake

If you are in Hanoi and looking for an “off-the-beaten-track” travel experience, like an overnight camping trip in the countryside, consider going to Ham Lon Lake. Ham Lon is a highest mountain in Hanoi, located in Soc Son district with the height of 462 m. It is around 40 km from the city center if you drive along the Bac Thang Long – Noi Bai Express Highway. This place is well-known for Vietnamese youngsters in the recent years, but still a hidden destination for foreign visitors.

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