Gwangju South Korea

17 Tourist Attractions in Gwangju South Korea’s ( Things To Do )

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17 Tourist Attractions in Gwangju South Korea’s ( Things To Do )

South Korea is one of the countries that can be said to be quite famous. The last few years the name of South Korea has become one of the destinations for tourists on vacation. As one of the few tourist destinations in East Asia , South Korea is indeed one of the best locations. Various types of tourist sites ranging from various natural scenic beauty, to various types of culinary tours that tempt our tastes to enjoy.

Mudeungsan National Park

This tourist park was first built in 1978, at that time this one park became one of the provincial parks or city parks. However, in 2012 this one park turned into one of the national parks.

Gwangju National Museum

This is evidenced by the existence of a national museum that is located right in this area. The museum is named the Gwangju National Museum, the building of the museum itself was built in 1977 and opened to the public in 1978.

Gwangju FamilyLand (Uchi Park)

As one of the famous tourist attractions in Korea that is the center of family tourism, Gwangju Family Land does present a quite interesting atmosphere.

The facilities owned by this one playground can be quite diverse. We can find various kinds of rides such as swimming pools, ice rink, roller coster and several other types of rides which are certainly very interesting to visit.

Gwangju Daein Market

If we are visiting the Gwangju area, then make sure you are ready to visit the Gwangju Daein Market. As one of the places to shop in South Korea , Gwangju Daein Market is indeed quite unique and interesting. one of the things that makes it interesting is that we will not only find markets that we can find.

Gwangju Museum of Art

If we visit this tourist area, we will be treated to various types of artwork from local Korean artists and local gwangju artists themselves. The museum itself has several parts that are different from each location.

  • Lee Changwoo House
  • Mudeungsan jeungsimsa Temple Stay
  • Wolbon scholarship
  • Blue Road Park
  • Uncheon Reservoir
  • Gwangju National Science Museum
  • Uchis Park Botanical Garden
  • Hwanbyeokdang
  • Jisan Amusement Park
  • The Gwangju Ecological Lake Park
  • Gwangju Municipal Folklore Museum
  • Penguin Village
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