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18 Attractions in Malé Maldives Are Extraordinary ( Things to do )

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18 Attractions in Malé Maldives Are Extraordinary ( Things to do )

Maldives is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, precisely in the southwest of Sri Lanka. The islands in the Maldives such as Maafusi Island and Meeru Island are also often referred to as one of the most beautiful islands in Asia that fascinates many tourists with amazing natural beauty, making the Maldives a popular destination in Asia for tourists from various countries.

As the capital of the Maldives, of course the city of Malé also has several tourist attractions that are equally beautiful as tourist attractions in other Maldives. Here are some recommendations for things to do in Malé, which are a pity to miss when on vacation or traveling to Maldives.

Hukuru Miskiy

In the city of Male there is also a mosque, one of which is the Huruku Misky mosque which is a place of worship for local residents. The Huruku Misky Mosque or often called the Friday Mosque is also one of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in the city of Malé.

The Huruku Misky Mosque is also one of 16 mosques in the Maldives that have been crowned by UNESCO as one of the world’s cultural heritage sites.


This palace was built in 1914 by Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen III which was dedicated to his son Prince Hasan Izzudin. The name Mulee Aage itself means the new Muli house and was built on the Mulee’ge site which is also the ancestral home of the sultan’s family.

National Museum, Malé

National Museum Male, which has been inaugurated since November 1952, was created with the aim of preserving the history of the country of the Maldives so that it remains known to future generations.

This museum does display a wide variety of Maldivian history collections ranging from artifacts, costumes, shoes, coins, weapons, armor, and many others. In addition to the above objects also exhibited various kinds of costumes that were also used and made when the Maldives was still in the form of a kingdom.

Coral Reef and Manta Point

Reef and Manta points located north of Male can be recommended for visitors who want a marine tour.

This place is one of the places for coral reef conservation and also the setting is used as a place for coral reef conservation and also protection of marine animals. In this place visitors can dive while looking at the beauty of coral reefs and fish, such as manta rays, which surround the coral reefs which make the landscape more beautiful.


Located about two kilometers west of Malé Island and accessible via a local ferry service that operates 24 hours, between Malé and Villimalé. Villingili is one of the beautiful islands in the Maldives with 3-5 star resorts like Shangri-La’s and Pebbles Inn.

Rasrani Bageecha

In addition to the beautiful islands of Maldives, you can also enjoy relaxing time in the tranquil Rasrani Bageecha park.

Hulhulé Island

Hulhulé Island is an island in the North Malé Atoll of the Maldives where the city’s airport, Velana International Airport, is located. The island has no permanent population. It is one of the islands closest to the capital island Malé.

Banana Reef

The Banana Reef was the first dive site to be discovered in the Maldives located in the North Male Atoll.

Esjehi Art Gallery

Esjehi Art Gallery is on the East of Sultan Park, in one of the entirely old structures of the capital malé. National workmanship display Esjehi Art Gallery is a perpetual place of introduction of shows of contemporary Maldivian specialties and presentations of conventional items. In the display building is a devoted place for the introduction of the presentation Maldives skilled workers and craftsmen.

  • Vadhoo Island
  • Male Fish Market
  • Sinamale Bridge
  • Tsunami Monument
  • Hulhumalé
  • Tsunami Monument
  • Rasfannu
  • Grand Friday Mosque
  • Jumhooree Maidhaan

Those some recommendations for tourist attractions in Male that are interesting to visit, hopefully can be useful and also add insight into tourist destinations, especially if you want to vacation in the Maldives, especially to Male.

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