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20 Best Mountain Hiking, Trekking and Mountaineering In Indonesia With Amazing Views

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Best Mountain Hiking, Trekking and Mountaineering In Indonesia With Amazing Views


Puncak Jaya, Papua

With a height of 4.884m, Puncak Jaya or also known as Mount Carstensz ( Carstensz Pyramid ) is one of the Seven Summits ( Seven Summits ) – the highest mountains in the world – which are very popular among climbers.

Carstensz Mountain is included in the Lorentz National Park area, which was accepted as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999. This national park has a high biodiversity and is supported by an amazing variety of cultures. Around Puncak Jaya there are very strange sights in Indonesia, namely snowy mountains.

oops, don’t forget to provide a lot of money because climbing on Mount Jaya Wijaya requires funds of around 50-80 million rupiah. Transportation to Puncak Jaya is very difficult because the incomplete accommodation makes it difficult for climbers to reach the location. The only way to reach the top is through PT. Freeport, therefore not just anyone can enter and must have permission to enter the Freeport area.


Teletubbies Hill/Wurung Crater, Bondowoso, East Java

To start hiking up the hill, just follow the path between the grass weeds. It only takes about 15 minutes you can reach the top of the hill with a not too steep hiking trail.

Wurung Crater does not always appear with green charm. If you want to see the green “version”, come in the rainy season. Whereas if you come during the dry season, the scenery of the savanna field turns brown.

Many ways to enjoy the beauty of the Wurung Crater in addition to walking, for example mountain biking or setting up a hammock enjoy the atmosphere around. So it’s no wonder that Wurung Crater is also one of the locations to take interesting pre-wedding photos.

Banda Api, Maluku

The most satisfying thing after being tired of climbing is to see the charming panorama that appears from the summit. That is what you can get on Volcano Banda Island.

An uninhabited island whose entire land is a volcanic volcano that has a height of about 656 meters above sea level with a fairly challenging terrain. To get to the summit there are two routes that can be chosen, the shorter first route facing Banda Neira. It takes around 2 hours for beginners to reach the top of Banda Api.

Other routes are longer, but have terrain that is easier to pass. Even though you don’t need to use a guide to get here, it’s a good idea to ask questions first so you don’t get lost.

The trip to the top will probably make you tired, but all the struggles will not be in vain as soon as you see the amazing view of the blue sea.

Blue Lake Cibodas, Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, West Java

Located 85 km from Bandung, Mount Gede Pangrango National Park is an ideal place to “escape” from the hustle of the city. This national park consists of two twin mountains (Gede and Pangrango), enchanting Telaga Biru, swamps, and waterfalls.

From Cibodas post, visitors can walk uphill to get to the Cibeurum waterfall and Telaga Biru waterfall.

The color of the lake or lake can vary dramatically between blue, green and sometimes even reddish brown due to the cycle of plants that live in it.

The distance to Telaga Biru/Blue Lake from Cibodas post is less than one kilometer. In order to visit the lake and waterfall, we recommend that you allocate two hours. If you still need a challenge, you can continue climbing to the summit of Mount Pangrango (3,015 meters).

Mount Patuha, Bandung, West Java

Maybe the name of this mountain is quite strange in your ears, but what if it’s called the white crater? Must have heard often right? Just so you know, actually White Crater is part of Patuha Mountain.

The beautiful view of the white crater Tosca green makes Patuha a tourist favorite. If you go to Bandung city, you must come here!


Mount Rinjani, West Nusa Tenggara

The time needed to trekking this mountain is approximately four days and three nights and must go through various types of ecosystems, from rainforests, lakes, hot springs, to savannahs.

Once reaching the top, climbers can see clearly the beauty of the volcanic lake Segara Anak. When the sky is clear, the whole area of ​​the island of Lombok to Bali is clearly visible from a distance!

Climbing Mount Rinjani is difficult and there are several trails that can be passed to reach its peak, therefore we recommend that you use the services of a local guide.

Mount Tambora, Sumbawa

Mount Tambora has a long history of war in Waterloo, Continental Europe. That’s because the eruption of Mount Tambora volcanic ash spread far into the war zone and bring global weather damage.

Mount Tambora, 1,800 km from Jakarta has several choices that can be used to get to the village of Pancasila, the last village at the foot of Mount Tambora. Can use the plane to Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin airport in Bima NTB for about 4 hours from jakarta, then travel directly to the Pancasila Village with a travel time of 5 hours.

Baliem Valley, West Papua

Located in the Jayawijaya Mountains, the Baliem Valley is inhabited by indigenous tribes whose lives are so isolated from the outside world and living together with nature. This native tribe is one of the oldest relics of civilization that still survives in Indonesia.

Now various accesses allow tourists to visit these remote villages to see first hand the traditions of the ancestors that are still sustainable. From traditional houses, traditional clothes, to tasting various local specialties.

Among these villages, one of the most ancient is Angguruk in the Yali region. Angguruk can be reached from Wamena via a land trip for 4-6 days.

This track route is so beautiful that it is difficult to describe it in words. And along the way you can enjoy the natural atmosphere that is still unspoiled or interact with local residents. You can also see mummies that are estimated to be 200 years old!

Every year the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism always organizes the Baliem Valley Festival in August. This annual event is global, featuring many amazing local attractions, one of which is War Dance. You can see the festival in the city of Wamena, Papua, Indonesia

Ijen Crater, East Java

Have you ever seen a fire this blue? Although Indonesia has many volcanoes, but Mount Ijen is one that has the most amazing views.

At the top of the mountain as high as 2,443 meters above sea level there is a caldera lake with the most acidic water content in the world, Ijen Crater. Large lakes colored bluish green with sulfur and fumes are certainly very charming to see.

The best time to visit Ijen Crater is in the morning to watch the sunrise. You can also see sulfur miners working traditionally with simple equipment.

To go to Ijen Crater, you have to walk along the path along the caldera cliff. Don’t forget to bring a medical mask because sometimes the smell of sulfur smoke is very strong. You can also circle the caldera in this area which takes up to 8 to 10 hours on foot.

Wae Rebo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

At an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level in Manggarai Regency, Flores Island, there is an ancient village called Wae Rebo which is characterized by seven cone-shaped traditional houses which have been inhabited for 19 generations.

With traditional clothes, the residents of the village are known to be very friendly and open to tourists. Moreover, there are not many visitors who come there.

The trip to Wae Rebo takes three days and requires a special guide. The first day is filled by walking the road from Labuan Bajo to Denge. The next day it began trekking from Denge to Wae Rebo. The track on the second day is perfect for you with excellent physical condition because it takes about three to six hours. But along the way you will be lulled by natural scenery that is very beautiful and cool.

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