Beautiful Islands in Japan

20 Most Beautiful Islands in Japan

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20 Most Beautiful Islands in Japan

Japan’s geographical location around the islands makes the Land of the Sunrise surrounded by thousands of very spectacular islands. In addition to the four main islands that are home to around 126 million residents, the other islands are the destination of tourists when they are on vacation in Japan.

Below are just a few of the many beautiful and interesting islands to visit in Japan

Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Rishiri Island is a circular island of 63 km around the ocean floating about 20 kilometers from the northernmost region of Japan, west from Wakkanai, from the coastline of Sarobetsu to Rishiri Suido.

Rishiri (altitude 1,721 m), which is a symbol of this island, is also called Rishiri Fuji and spreads a beautiful conical mountain.

It is also a treasure trove of alpine plants and many unique species are found only on this island. It is easy to go around the island. In addition, Rishiri climbing from 0 meters above sea level is not so difficult, it is now a popular course. Fresh seafood is also exceptional.

Yagishiri Island, Hokkaido

A green island of 12 km around the ocean, about 24 km northwest of Haboro City. Natural Forest, sheep’s Pasture Ground,

Takinosaki garden. This small island is very beautiful and peaceful because it is not densely populated.

Teuri Island, Hokkaido

Teuri Island is an island floating in the Sea of Japan 30 km west of Haboro port in Haboro, Tomamae District, in the Rumoi

Subprefecture in Hokkaido an island famous as a breeding ground for seabirds. Especially the west coast where the cliff walls is a paradise of seabirds.

Rebun Island, Hokkaido

Rebun Island, also known as the island of flowers, is an island off the northwest tip of Hokkaido and a treasure trove of natural scenic beauty. Rebun Island sits in the Japan Sea along with Rishiri Island off the northwest coast of Hokkaido and is only accessible by ship.

From neighboring Rishiri Island between spring and autumn there are two to three departures a day from Oshidomari Port and in summer one roundtrip departure from Kutsugata Port.

This is also a great spot for viewing seals. On the day we visited we could see some of them sleeping on the reef at the base of Kanedano Cape!

Tobishima Island, Yamagata

It is a small island off 39 kilometers from Sakata, the treasure of the island is a beautiful sea with high transparency. It is an interesting world where unusual flowers such as Tobi Shima licorice and the like are gathered.

Walking path, strange rocks and unusual scenery are full, you can enjoy walking around the island,

fishing. A group of coral, a mysterious figure of a beautiful coral can be seen in the highly transparent sea.

Enoshima, Fujisawa

Enoshima, a small island just slightly west of Kamakura, boasts some of the closest beaches to Tokyo (approx. 1 hr from Shinjuku Station) But that’s not the only enticing factor; Enoshima’s got a little bit of everything—parks, shrines, aquariums, local restaurants and even caves—making it the perfect all-in-one vacation spot.

Our cheapest transport recommendation is taking the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku Station to Fujisawa Station, then transfering to the Odakyu Enoshima Line and getting off at Katase-Enoshima Station (the closest station to the main beach area 630 yen one-way).

Jōgashima Island

Jogashima is located in the south of Miura Peninsula, and takes about 2 hours drive from Tokyo.

It takes about 1 hour from Shinagawa Station to Mikako Gate Station by Keikyu Line. By bus you can go to Jogashima in about 30 minutes from Misakiguchi Station.

From Misakiguchi Station by bus you can also go to Misaki Port, from there you can also go to Jogashima by using boat or bicycle.

Minamijima Island

There are many beautiful places in Ogasawara Islands, but it is said that South Island is particularly beautiful among them.

The South Island is an uninhabited island in the southwest of Chichi-jima. Once evergreen shrubs grew thick, the ground was exposed in some places by the feeding damage of goat, it seems that it became the present figure.

For restoration of vegetation, It is an island where self-imposed rules such as entry prohibition, entrance island number per day up to 100 people, landing time within 2 hours, etc. are established.


It is a small island about 5 kilometers around. I can walk around slowly in around 2 hours. Hegurajima is a small island located in the Sea of Japan at the far north of Ishikawa Prefecture.

This is a treasure trove of all the fish on the island, apparently being a separate fishing fan. as for the fish that are often caught such as, red sea bream, striped beakfish, blackhead seabream, yellowtail amberjack, Flounder etc.

Shino Island, Aichi

Shinojima, located in Mikawa Bay National Monument, is just 4 km off the sea from Shirosaki Port, the tip of Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture. It is the most convenient island from Nagoya. Shinojima Sea is very beautiful. It was healed by the sound of the waves. The sunset is also beautiful and I can spend quiet time.

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