Khao phing kan / james bond island in thailand

21 Most Beautiful Islands In Thailand

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Goh Ranped/Duck Island, Chumphon

Terletak di Kecamatan Pak Khlong, Pathio District, Chumphon, Thailand. The most beautiful diving spot is the sea of ??flowers. Clear water If lucky, you may find a whale shark.

The island is very small and rocky. Even though this island is quite far from the surrounding cities but this island is often used as a diving and snorkeling spot for tourists and the underwater world is very worth exploring.

Ko Ngam Yai, Chumphon

one of the must-see dive sites and a spot for tourists to dive, which is the big island of Ngam. And can easily find whale sharks Also nearby. Saddle back anemone fish and pipe fish can be found here on close inspection, crown of thorn starfish are also a common sight here. Fishing nets are often spotted draped over the coral which is surprising as the area is supposed to be a National Park.

Koh Ngam Noi Island , Chumphon

Koh Ngam Noi is far from Koh Ngam Yai only 300 meters. Although Koh Ngam Noi is almost twice smaller, it is similar to Koh Ngam Yai in their beauty. Koh Ngam Noi also offers a spectacular sight with its puzzled limestone, local wooden camps on the cliffs, and bamboo shoots on the cave front for collecting bird-nest. At front beach, visitors can take a pleasure in a skin diving. The most beautiful and well-known scub diving sport is Lak Ngam, location at beginning of the island.

Koh Khai Nok Island, Phang-nga

The Island can be reached within 20 minutes by long-tail boat from Phuket or you can anchor off the island. Koh Khai Nok is a small triangular island, comprising a rocky headland and a beach, ringed by fine, white sand and coral. The Island is a hidden gem with a lot to offer visitors, despite its small size there are a series of stalls and restaurants located in the centre of the island.

Koh Khai Nui Island, Phang-nga

Khai Nui Island is a popular tourist spot for snorkeling. And various fish At this point, the fish can be found as well. There is a small beach. On the island but not allowed to go on the beach

Koh Khai Nai Island, Phang-nga

Khai Nai Island is a small island. Which has a great nature that is clean white sand beach throughout the beach North and west of the island The sea is beautiful and clear. Playing around the island, there are coral that can be easily snorkeled like coral, plate, coral. But the most notable is the many colorful fish species that are familiar to tourists.

Koh Sichang Island, Chonburi

Koh Sichang said that it was a resort for hundreds of years. Because it has a quiet atmosphere Many beautiful places to visit And there is a historical attraction as well. Palace on the island The only place in Thailand is located here. And also the residence of the King of the Three Kingdoms together, the reign of King Rama IV, the reign of King Rama V, and the reign of King Rama VI.

Samae San Island, Chonburi

Samsarn Island is one of the islands in the care area of ​​the Royal Thai Navy at Sattahip , Chonburi province. But we can go on a one day trip. Besides being an island that allows tourists to experience the beauty of nature. And the perfect coral It is also one of the 9 islands of the Plant Genetic Conservation Project due to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Royal Initiative. Snorkeling And cycling to see natural trails.

Ko Kham Island, Sattahip

Koh Kham or Koh Kham Marine Park, Chonburi Province is a small island. Located in the south of Sattahip. It takes about 20 minutes by boat. It is under the supervision of the shore defense fleet. In the underwater park project in Sattahip area And nearby. Koh Kham is an island that is rich in beautiful marine resources, including rare fish and antler corals, table coral and brain corals.

Koh Samet Island , Rayong

This summer, it is inevitable to travel to the air to cool off at the sea. Go to Samet this time Please say that the blue sky must be completed. Clear sea water, as always In addition, it is not difficult to travel from Bangkok. It takes only 3 hours.

Koh Mak Island, Trat Province

Koh Mak is another island located in the Trat Sea. Is a peaceful island Suitable for the most relaxing Travelers prefer to relax and dive in because the nearby areas have many beautiful dive sites. Including a tropical resort that does not harm the environment Can be called to travel Conserve nature.

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