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22 Things to Do in Guimaras Philippines Must be Visited

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22 Things to Do in Guimaras Philippines Must be Visited

The island has an area as wide as 604.6 square kilometers and thousands of cities in Jordan. As a tourist island, there are many tourist attractions in Guimaras that you can visit.

Guimaras is divided into five municipalities, namely Buenavista, Jordan, Nueva Valencia, San Lorenzo, and Sibunag. Each municipal has its own leading tourist attractions.

This makes tourist attractions in Guimaras very diverse and you can choose according to taste, right when you visit tourist attractions in Pagudpud . As a recommendation, here are twenty tourist attractions in Guimaras that you can explore when visiting the Philippines.

Roca Encantada

As a national heritage site, this building that was built in 1910 has a high historical value. Although, the building located on a rocky hill has been renovated to look more modern.

The location of Roca Encantada is not so far from other tourist attractions in Guimaras such as the beach. The building itself is directly opposite a brown sand beach.

Trappist Monastery

Therefore, its existence as a place of worship as well as a tourist place is quite important. You can make Trappist Monastery as one of the tourist attractions in Guimaras that you can make an alternative.

This monastery was built in 1972. When you visit this religious building, you will not only be greeted by its beautiful architecture. There is a group of monks living in this monastery.

Guisi Point Light House

This tower was built during the reign of Spain in the 18th century around 1894 to 1896. In the language of Parol Spanish, this lighthouse is also called the Faro de Punta Luzaran.

Because it’s quite old, you can only see the ruins of this tower from a distance. However, the view of Guisi Point Light House is enough to spoil the eyes, especially at night.

Igang Marine Station SEAFDEC

This site is a center for spawning large fish intended for study or research. Visiting tourist attractions in Guimaras in the form of a marine study center like this will be difficult for you to find when visiting tourist attractions in Bacolod or other Philippine areas.

The experience of traveling that you can find on Seafdec is interacting directly with large fish that many live in captivity. You can even feel the sensation of feeding the fish directly.

If you want another, more memorable experience, you can pay PHP 25 to see other large types of fish that are quite rare.

Turtle Island

As the name implies, the tourist attractions in Guimaras are a center for breeding and captivity for turtles. Turtle Island is in a strategic location, precisely just crossing not far from the small island of Ave Maria.

You need luck to be able to see and interact with turtles directly. Because, there are times when tourists who appear cannot find it. Ask the boat captain or crew to take you to turtle Island to find out the exact time and time to interact with the turtle.

  • Ave Maria White Beach
  • Island Hopping
  • Alubihod Beach
  • Natago Beach
  • Smallest Plaza
  • Buenavista Town Hall
  • Guimaras Provincial Capitol
  • Mango Platantion
  • Balaan Bukid
  • Windmills
  • Baras Cave
  • Lamurawan Island
  • Museu de Guimaras
  • Jordan Municipal Hall
  • The Town of Nueva Valencia
  • San Isidro Labrador Church
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