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26 Tourist Spots in Formentera Spain ( Things To Do )

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26 Tourist Spots in Formentera Spain ( Things To Do )

As one of the countries that is a favorite destination of tourists from various parts of the world when traveling to Europe, especially southern Europe with family. One city of tourist attractions in Spain that is a favorite of tourists, especially when vacationing during the summer is Formentera which is in the islands of Balears, Spain.

Formentera is one of the 4 main islands which are tourist destinations in the Balears archipelago which are visited by many tourists. Formentera Island is also the smallest island among the islands in the Balears archipelago with an area of ​​about 83.24 square kilometers.

Even so, tourist attractions in Formentera are also no less popular with tourist attractions on the other main islands in the Balears archipelago such as tourist attractions in Mallorca, tourist attractions in Menorca and Ibiza which are already very popular among world tourists. Here are some tourist attractions in Formentera that must be visited while traveling to Spain, precisely to the islands of Balears.

Platja de ses Illetes

Tourist attractions in Formentera which are quite crowded with tourists both local and those who come from various countries are Platja de ses Illetes.

This tourist attraction is a beach located on the Cape de Trucados, between Punta des Pas and Platgea des Carregador.

From the beach, visitors can see from a distance some other islands such as Ibiza and Espalmador which are still included in the Balears archipelago. This beach has soft and clean white sand, which is more beautiful when combined with blue sea water and a pile of pink coral.


The recommendation for tourist attractions in Formentera, which can be visited for a vacation with friends and family to this island, is S’Espalmador. S’Espalmador is an island in the Balears archipelago located on the north of Formentera island which has a shape that resembles a crescent moon.

The name of the island comes from the word Espalmar which refers to the task of cleaning and also maintaining ships made in the coves on the island. This S’Espalmador island is also an uninhabited island with a length of around 2,925 meters and also reaching 800 meters wide.

Far de la Mola

The recommended tourist spot in the next Formentera is Far de la Mola, which is a lighthouse located on the east of Formentera Island. The Lighthouse Tower was inaugurated in 1861 which had previously been under construction since 1859 with Emilio Pou as the author of the project. The lighthouse has a height of more than 20 meters and serves as an important guide for ships passing south of the island of Formentera.

Museo de Etnografía de Formentera

As the name implies, this museum displays a variety of cultural heritage from Formentera island such as traditional equipment and clothing used by people on the island thousands of years ago.

These traditional tools include peryani tools and also fisheries which in the past were the main livelihoods of the island’s inhabitants. In addition to agricultural and fishery tools, there is also equipment used to produce salt which is also one of the main industries in Formentera.

In addition to tourist attractions in Formentera which have been discussed above, there are also other tourist attractions in Formentera which are also interesting to visit such as

  • Calo des mort
  • Cap de Barbaria
  • Platja de Llevant
  • Sa Roqueta
  • Cala En Baster
  • Estany Pudent
  • Es Pujols
  • Bodega Terramoll
  • Punta Rasa
  • Calo de Sant Agusti
  • Mercat de la Mola
  • Ses Platgetes
  • Can Marroig
  • Ses Cenyes
  • Torre de san Punta Prima
  • Sant Fransec Xavier
  • Cala Savina
  • Cala Saona
  • Es Mirador
  • Illa des Penjat
  • Calo de S’Oli
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