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30 Places You Must Visit When Winter Coming, Very Cool!!

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30 Places You Must Visit When Winter Coming, Very Cool!!

Who wants to feel the softness of snow? Or enjoy a very beautiful view in winter? Have never felt winter? Well, you can try places in various parts of the world, you know! Come on, look at the reviews!

1.Banff National Park, Canada

There is a lake in this national park called Lake Louise. This lake freezes during the winter and is commonly used for ski areas. Not only that, there are also Santa sled trains that you can ride. The difference is that the sled here is pulled by a horse, not a deer.

Besides the many other activities that you can do, the scenery here is certainly very amazing. Snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, trees that turn white, and much more. If you are lucky, during certain days of winter there is the ” Ice Magic ” festival which shows ice sculptures with unique shapes.

2.Lapland, Finland

The typical scenery in this region is Aurora which is super beautiful. Not only occasionally, the amazing sky phenomenon often appears in the Lapland sky. You can also take a Santa sled and explore the vast snow terrain here. There are also Ice Hotels aka hotels made of ice. Floors, ceilings, chairs, everything becomes ice!

3.Plitvice National Park, Croatia

If you visit this place, it seems we are in a snowy park in Narnia. Still remember, right? Beautiful lakes and frozen waterfalls between snowy land certainly make you amazed. This park even includes one of the world heritage by UNESCO!

4.Gobi Desert, Mongolia

The vast expanse of snow that is very beautiful will make you feel at home in this desert. Especially with the cool weather! If you are tired of walking, you can ride camels in this desert. Not wanting to be cold, the camels here have a lot of thick hair that will keep them warm.

5.Queenstown, New Zealand

For those of you who like the mountains, this city is very suitable to visit. You can also ski at Coronet Peak, one of the favorite ski areas in Queenstown. You can enjoy the snow-capped mountain scenery from a height by riding the train.

6.Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The castle which is located on this hill is very beautiful especially when it’s covered in snow. The landscape of the mountains and rivers that stretch even further adds to the beauty of the castle, which is called Cinderella castle. You can enter and take a tour inside the castle!

7.Harbin, China

Harbin is called the city of ice in winter. The city organizes the International Snow and Ice Festival annually which exhibits very beautiful carvings of ice and snow.

Some are in the form of castles, bridges, towers, and others. The size also resembles the original size, you know! There is even a tower that reaches 46 meters in height. It feels like it’s really in the city of ice! The festival is also the largest festival of snow and ice sculptures in the world because the area covers 600,000 square meters.

8.Heber Valley, Utah

One of the attractions of this place is the existence of an ice castle that will remind you of the film Frozen. Colorful lights add to the beauty of this place. In addition, there are many activities that you can do such as skiing, riding a sled, and snowmobiling, namely riding a vehicle such as skiing and snow walking.


9.Hakuba Village

Hakuba is one of the most interesting places in winter in Japan. Tourist destination called “Japan’s Alpine Peak”. The interesting activity that is usually awaited by the traveler when visiting Hakuba is skiing and snowboarding.


Here you can feel the cold snow while watching a cute and friendly Japanese monkey soaking in hot water.

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