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30 Places You Must Visit When Winter Coming, Very Cool!!

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Many activities can be done in Osaka. Besides attractive in terms of celebration or festival in Osaka, Osaka also has many culinary attractions that will pamper the traveler.


Sapporo has one of the winter festivals which are a pity to miss. This ice festival does not occur in all regions of Japan. Therefore, make sure to go to Sapporo when the winter arrives.

South Korea


The Ulsan Rock Mountains have 6 rocky peaks. Nicknamed ‘ Crying Mountain ‘ , this tourist location became famous not only because of its beauty, but also stories that were passed down several generations.


Skip the year-end moments by visiting places that are setting Korean dramas such as Han River or Namsan Tower.

Besides being beautiful, those places also provide a romantic sensation especially for couples.

15.Beijing, China

The most famous tourist spots in Beijing for holiday moments are the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and Qianmen Gate. But have you ever felt the cold of snow on the Great Wall of China? The scenery still looks amazing with snow white shades.

16.Thimphu, Bhutan

This Dragon country has many interesting places to visit during the winter. For example, the building of Paro Taktsang is covered in snow with the beauty of the cliffs.

17.Gilgit, Pakistan

In this area, the beauty of the panorama is greatly increased in the winter. Hunza valley is one of the spots that will not be forgotten traveler. With an altitude of 2,500 meters, the beauty of Pakistan feels so cool and exotic.


18.Jammu and Kashmir

In both regions in northern India there are still many conflicts. Nevertheless, the beauty of the Himalayas who are exposed to is very interesting traveler who wants to spend the New Year in a unique way.


The beauty of Auli as one of the winter tourist destinations in India is indeed very stunning. Panorama of pristine nature makes many trave l ler photography lovers often find inspiration there.

20.Pokhara, Nepal

The country on this plateau is very attractive in the winter. Various winter specialties are often served to pamper tourists. Not only that, various dances and cultures can also be witnessed in Pokhara.

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