Waitomo Glowworm Luminous Cave In New Zealand

5 Interesting Facts at Waitomo Glowworm Luminous Caves in New Zealand

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5 Interesting Facts at Waitomo Glowworm Luminous Caves in New Zealand

New Zealand is known to save a beautiful cave with a wall section decorated with very beautiful blue-green light. The name of the cave is Waitomo Glowworm. Where did the bright blue light from the walls of Waitomo Glowworm come from? Check out the answer in the article below bro!

In New Zealand, there is a beautiful cave with a wall in a beautiful blue-green light. The name of the cave is Waitomo Glowworm. This beautiful view of the blue light of the cave certainly tempts many tourists to visit this place directly.

Where did the bright blue light from the walls of Waitomo Glowworm come from? Then, what exciting things can tourists try in this cave? Check out the answer in the article below!

Luminous Naturally

Waitomo Glowworm Cave invites international attention because it has a number of uniqueness that is not found in other caves. One of the uniqueness of this cave is located on the inner wall which is decorated with bright blue lights like stars. Uniquely, the light is not created by lights or other lighting devices.

The blue light on the ceiling is said to have originated from a rare insect with the species Arachnocampa Luminosa. New Zealanders nicknamed this insect in the form of glowworm or glowing worms. The presence of these insects not only makes Waitomo Glowworm brighter but also beautifies the cave’s stalagmite parts. Many people predict that the walls of this cave are inhabited by thousands of sizes of mosquito-sized glowworms.

The panoramic beauty of this cave wall certainly draws the attention of tourists from various countries. Many visitors are tempted to witness the glitter of blue light on Waitomo Glowworm directly. When vacationing in New Zealand, you certainly can’t miss the opportunity to go to this cave.

Origins of Waitomo Glowworm

The process of forming lime in this cave is estimated to have occurred around 30 million years ago. Since 1880, Waitomo Glowworm is known to have been chosen as one of New Zealand’s iconic acts. This is certainly influenced by the presence of unique phenomena that occur in this cave.

The name of this cave is said to come from two words in the Maori language, namely “Wai” and “Tomo”. The word “Wai” has the meaning “water”, while “Tomo” means “hole”. The cave itself is reportedly included in the Waitomo Cave series which includes the Aranui Cave and Ruakuri Cave.

Who Found Waitomo Glowworm for the First Time

Based on the information at a source, this cave was discovered by the Maori chief, Tane Tinora, and a British researcher named Fred Mace. The three of them explored the contents in the cave for the first time in 1887. At that time, the two of them were told to be fascinated by the beauty of the flickering blue-green light in the inner wall.

After a year later, Tane made this cave a tourism area. At present, the local government is managing this place officially. They reportedly obtained a percentage through the revenue management and development of the cave.

Vacation Tips for Waitomo Glowworm

You can find this cave in the Waitomo area, North Island, New Zealand. Some travel agents are known to provide a number of tour packages to tourists who are interested in venturing into this cave. You can choose a tour to go to the cave by boat or on foot.

This cave is very suitable for adventurous tourists or people who are interested in testing adrenaline. Because, you can do various exciting activities here such as playing white water rafting, swimming or climbing. Besides that, you can also ride a rubber boat to observe the scenery inside the cave.

Another exciting activity that tourists can try in this cave is down the cliff in the dark using a rope. This activity will certainly challenge adrenaline because you will enter the cave with different nuances. When you try this activity, you certainly have to equip yourself with careful preparation.

Estimated Holiday Costs to Waitomo Glowworm

Before traveling to Waitomo Glowworm, it’s good to prepare enough costs. That way, you can get a memorable holiday experience there. Holding enough money will also make you more prepared when dealing with emergency situations.

The price of a tour package to Waitomo Glowworm ranges from $140 to $180. To save on expenses, you can ride public transportation such as buses. When leaving Auckland, you can take this cave in three hours. Meanwhile, the time it takes for tourists to leave Rotorua for Waitomo Glowworm is two hours.

The cost of a bus trip from Auckland to Waitomo is around $28, while the bus fare from Rotorua to Waitomo is $17. Upon arrival at Waitomo Glowworm, tourists must buy an entrance ticket for $30. So, the total estimated cost that you spend while traveling here ranges from $60 to $70.

So are the 5 facts about the Waitomo Glowworm luminous cave in New Zealand. This place is certainly recommended for those of you who are looking for an exciting vacation spot abroad. The beauty of the blue light of the stamps in this cave is certainly worth watching directly. Visiting this cave will certainly make your holiday in New Zealand more memorable

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