Captain Marvel filming locations

5 Filming Locations Captain Marvel Interesting to Visit

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5 Filming Locations Captain Marvel Interesting to Visit

The film, which began airing in theaters in early March, received a positive response from various parties. Many argue that the cuteness of the Flerken cat distracts the focus of the main character, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Not only that, the filming locations also stole the attention. Like a few below:

Edwards Air Force Base, Kern County, Southern California

This place appears most in the film when Captain Marvel is still a pilot. This place is the center of the Air Force Test School, Air Force Test, and NASA Armstrong Flight Research. Its location is in Kern County, Southern California.

Although including the installation of the United States Air Force, but it was opened to the public. You must register 30 days before the visit through the official website.

You can visit Century Circle and the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum. However, for the museum, visitors are not allowed to take pictures.

Douglas Stations

The Los Angeles Metro Stations appears when Captain Marvel descends to planet Earth and pursues Skrull. This creature goes into the LA Metro, so Captain Marvel must search among the sea of ​​humans.

It is located at 700 South Douglas Street, El Segundo, California. Like an ordinary station, you can come here at any time.

Lake Shaver, Sierra National Forest

This artificial lake is located in the Sierra National Forest from Fresno County, California. This place is used by the film Captain Marvel as the place where the captain and Minnerva crashed on the plane.

Like most tourist destinations, you are free to visit Lake Shaver. The evening before sunset or the morning at sunrise is the best time to visit here.

Blockbuster Video Store

The captain fell into a shop called Blockbuster Video, which turned out to be in real life.

Unfortunately, now most of the Blockbuster Video branches are closed, as reported in ABC News. The last blockbuster video branch is in Bend, Oregon, which you can visit.

Jim Hall Racing Club, Oxnard

Jim Hall Racing Club was used for filming when Captain Marvel was a kid. He wanted to show his ability to match men, so there was no limit to the race. You can also try the thrill of the race here. It feels like Captain Marvel!

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