Snake Islands in the World

5 Snake Islands in the World, some of which cannot be visited

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5 Snake Islands in the World, some of which cannot be visited

As an archipelago, it is no secret that there are many beautiful islands in Indonesia. But who would have thought, there are also islands in the world that are inhabited more by snakes than humans? Some even have thousands of snake populations, so dangerous that the public is prohibited from entering. There is also an inhabited tame snake, so visitors casually play with it.

Golem Grad, Macedonia

This one snake island is in the middle of Lake Prespa, Macedonia. Named the Golem Grad which means “Big City, Big Fortress”. Visitors can only reach a place that has a length of about 750 meters with a width of 450 meters by boat. This island is actually the resting place of Tsar Samuel, the first Bulgarian Emperor. So that the entrance to this place is protected by a stone wall.

Visitors who come to this place must be careful when stepping on if they don’t want to step on the snake wrongly. These reptiles are perched on trees, rocks, and all the slits of this island. The type found is the venomous nose-horned viper.

Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

This is the world-famous snake island, Ilha Da Queimada Grande located in Brazil. This place is a habitat for golden lancehead mura snakes. So much so that in every meter there are 3 to 5 snakes hanging around. Ilha Da Queimada Grande may not be opened to the public to protect the existence of the snake. At the same time protect visitors considering the island is truly full of snakes. Generally, those who can visit are researchers and biologists.

Ular Island, Bima-Indonesia

There are also snake islands in the world in Indonesia, precisely the District of Wera Pai, in the eastern part of Bima Regency. This place is only about 500 meters from the mainland of Sumbawa Island. There are legends circulating, it is said that this island is a Portuguese ship that lies in the waters of Wera. Whereas the snakes are the manifestations of their crew. The island is full of venomous sea snakes, but its unique is benign until visitors relax with it. But still, have to be careful not to hurt them.

Snake Island of Borneo, Kalampunian Damit-Malaysia

The island of snakes in the next world is on the island of Kalampunian Damit, Malaysia. This island is the home and breeding ground for the Erabu Kuning snake which is certainly venomous. So if it’s mating season, this place is really full of snakes more than usual. Just be careful when stepping or holding something on this island, don’t shake the snake. Even though it’s venomous, this snake is not aggressive.

Shedao Island, China

If this island is indeed the habitat of an endemic type of mura snake, Gloydius shedaoensis, which is bred by researchers. So don’t be surprised if there are snakes everywhere. This place is located in the area of ​​Mount Laotie, China. It is not possible for people to enter the island carelessly, usually only biologists. Because this island is also a place for ecosystem research.

Snake Island in the world is indeed something that can be visited. But still, have to be careful not to interfere. For islands that may not be visited, you should not be reckless to enter.

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