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7 Locations Of The Most Deadly Racing Circuit In The World

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7 Locations Of The Most Deadly Racing Circuit In The World

A number of racing locations from various parts of the world are known to get a haunted impression because they often take casualties, both from racers and spectators. Which racing locations are considered the deadliest in the world? Find the answer in the text below!

There is no racing competition that does not contain risks. This can be proven from the many cases of tragic accidents that occur in a number of racing and circuit events from various parts of the world. What are the deadliest racing locations in the world? Here are 7 of them.


Monza is known to be one of the most iconic race tracks in the history of Formula 1 Italian Gran Prix. For almost 100 years, this circuit has held an international level racing event. Even so, Monza is also known as the highest racing track because it has claimed many lives, namely more than 40 racers.

Drivers who died at Monza came from championships of cars and bicycles. One example of the worst event on this circuit occurred in 1928. At that time, driver Emilio Materassi had an accident which later killed himself and 27 circuit viewers. Not only that, in 1933, this circuit also became a silent witness to a series of accidents that made three drivers lose their lives.


This racing track is also known to be haunted among racers. If you study the history of the world of racing, you certainly remember the Nurburgring as one of the deadliest racing locations. This circuit, nicknamed “Green Hell,” has reportedly claimed more than 65 drivers’ lives since 1928.

An example of a tragic event at the Nurburgring that still remains so far is an accident in 1970. At that time, the circuit held races between April and September. In the competition, four car drivers and two motorbikes were reported to be flying because the race was very tight.


Lo can find this deadly circuit in the country of Belgium. Spa-Francorchamps is known to be a place for various types of racing championships, ranging from sports cars, motorbikes, open-wheel , and others. Unfortunately, this circuit also bears a haunted predicate because it has captured more than 45 drivers’ lives.

Three racers who were killed at once in one race have occurred several times here, namely in 1967, 1973 and 1985. In the 2013 Classic F3 event, driver Sebastian Clouzeau also reportedly died after an accident on this circuit.

Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT is touted as the world’s number one deadliest motorcycle racing event. Lo can watch this racing event at the Snaefell Mountains Circuit on the Isle of Man. The circuit is reportedly using public roads as a race track. Well, some of the factors that make this racing event dangerous are the use of public roads as a racing track and the limited corners of the road.

Drivers who die in this race are almost always there every year. Until now, the TT Islem of Man has claimed the lives of more than 240 racers. Even so, there were also years when this racing event was free of fatal accidents at all, for example in 1982 and 2001.

Le Mans

In 1955, the circuit called the Circuit de la Sarthe was a witness to an unforgettable tragic event. At that time, driver Pierre Levegh was driving a Mercedes-Benz in a racing event. Suddenly his car had an accident to hit the wall and flew in a fire to the audience.

Although Lavegh was the only driver killed in that year, this tragic incident reportedly has killed 83 spectators. As time went on, Le Mans continued to experience improvements. This has an impact on the decline in driver mortality in the last 30 years. The total number of drivers killed on this track was 22 people, 18 of whom died before the 1980s.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Drivers also often experience ill-fated when competing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, United States. From 1909 to 2003, there were 56 drivers who died on this track. Accidents experienced by these racers occur during running races, car testing, and training.

In the early years of the race, Indianapolis Motor Speedway became the deadliest location for racers. This circuit has reportedly allowed the mechanics to be involved in the car in the first 10 years of the track operation. The decision turned out to have an impact on the emergence of fatal accidents with the number of victims of two people for one car.

Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is also one of the most feared racers in the world. The event, which has been held for more than 35 years, reportedly claimed 27 drivers.

Some reports even noted that the total number of victims who died in the Dakar Rally was more than 70 people. The number reportedly includes racers, mechanics, racing team supporters, and spectators. One example of a tragic accident that occurred at the Dakar Rally took place in 1991. In that year, four drivers who competed in the same championship were reportedly killed.

Similarly, the 7 deadliest race tracks in the world that take up many victims of racers. After hearing the information above, are you interested in visiting these seven racing locations?

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