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8 of the most unique beautiful beaches in the world

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8 of the most unique beautiful beaches in the world

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

This beach is on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand , about 12 kilometers southeast of Whitianga. The uniqueness of this beach lies in its sand which can be a hot spring.

Therefore, visitors must bring a shovel as a tool to dredge sand and make a small pond to soak around the beach. The deeper it digs, the more water that comes out it will feel hotter.

Two hours before and after low tide is the best time to enjoy hot water around the beach.

Desert Beach, Brazil

Located in Lençóis Maranhenses National Park , this beach is located in the middle of a desert. You can see a stretch of some parts of the coast covering 1,500 square kilometers.

The beauty of the beach is truly stunning with clear blue and green Tosca water. As with other deserts in the desert, the temperature of the heat can be very extreme and cause water levels to drop dramatically.

You better come here from July to September, because the temperature is not too hot and the volume of water is so abundant.

Glass Beach, California, United States

The beach in MacKerricher National Park, near the City of Fort Bragg, California has glass sand like a gem. This is because the waves that succeeded in turning bottle and glass waste into something beautiful.

In addition, the glass fragments are no longer sharp, but they are flat and soft. So unique, many visitors took glass sand as souvenirs. However, the 150,000-square-meter beach has now forbidden it to maintain its charm.

Glowing Beach, Maldives

Aunique beach on Vadhoo Island, Maldives, this is truly beautiful with blue glowing water. Blue light comes from marine microbes, namely Ostracod Crustaceans or Phytoplankton.

Professor of biology, James Morin, at Cornell believes that thousands of these glowing beach sands are periodic mass deaths of these organisms/Bioluminescence. Water or sand on the beach will start to glow if there is touch or movement. There is no time yet, when is the best time you should visit here.

Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan

Unlike others, this beach is unique because it is made by human hands. The Seagaia Ocean Dome in Miyazaki is an artificial beach that is very similar to the original. The area is about 30 thousand square meters.

This place was built because of the uncertain summer weather in Japan. Sometimes it is too hot, sometimes it rains, and the humidity is too high which makes everyone warm.

The room temperature is always set to 30 degrees Celsius and the water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius to be warm and comfortable. The sand uses marble powder as a substitute for the original sand. The advantages, this sand is not sticky to the body like beach sand in general.

Timbako Lehi Beach, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Not only in New Zealand, Indonesia also has beautiful beaches with hot springs. The location of Temboko Lehi Beach is at the foot of Karangetang Volcano. As a result, there are hot springs along the coastline.

Temboko Lehi Beach has hot water, it can even be called the only hot spring beach in Indonesia. The sea water is not salty as usual.

You can find this unique beach in Lehi Village, Sitaro Regency, the northern tip of Sulawesi Island. The journey to the beach can be reached by boat from Manado Harbor for four hours.

Green Sand Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

The reason why sand is green is Olivine crystals in sand, a mineral known as “Hawaiian Diamond”. Rumor has it that some people have found Olivine crystals large enough to be sold as gems from this beach.

The crystals come from eroded headlands, and unfortunately, in the end the supply will run out and the beach will look like the others..

Kaihalulu Beach – Red Sand Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its mesmerizing black, green, and pink sand beaches. The sand is formed from broken red cones that cut deep into the Chief of the Ka’uiki on the east side of the island. But you can’t swim here because it’s dangerous.

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