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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Jakarta Aquarium

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8 Reasons Why You Should Explore the Jakarta Aquarium~ Jakarta does not only have magnificent skyscrapers. Known as an all-inclusive metropolitan city, Jakarta also holds the charm of the underwater world in the middle of the city. You can find this uniqueness in the Jakarta Aquarium located at Neo Soho, Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav 28.

This latest destination in Jakarta makes you feel the sensation of exploring the underwater world in a luxury mall. Curious? Look at the excitement of the 8 rides at the Jakarta Aquarium below!

Acrylic Walkway, the sensation of walking in the sea without getting wet

The nuances of all-blue and dark dominate the Jakarta Aquarium to truly make the atmosphere feel like in the sea. Here, you can walk along the Acrylic Walkway to feel the sensation of walking through the belly of the sea and see directly various fish without any wetness at all.

Enjoy the time by looking at various other marine animals that swim on the right, left, even above your head. If you are lucky, you can see the iconic Jakarta Aquarium fish, which is a giant grouper weighing 300 kg and a giant Nurse Shark that is 3 meters long.

Aquatrekking, the real sensation of walking under the sea

Curious how does it feel to walk under the sea? Jakarta Aquarium has an Aquatrekking vehicle to present this sensation. Even though you don’t have a diving license, you can still  walk casually in the main aquarium.

You will be given 15 minutes to explore the vehicle that was present since November 2017 while wearing wetsuits complete with an oxygen helmet weighing 40 kg. Take advantage of this moment to observe the marine life around. Also be prepared to fall asleep to see stingrays or sharks swimming in very close distances.

Meet various animals

When hearing the word Jakarta Aquarium, you might be imagined by the life of marine animals. But it turns out that not only you will see marine biota, but various amphibian animals. In the two-storey area of ​​the Jakarta Aquarium, you can see around 600 species of animals. Ranging from popular animals to rare animals like Axolotl and Tarantulas.

Touch Pool, the sensation of caressing sea animals without fear

Exploring the underwater world will not be complete without touching the animals in it directly. You can do this sensation of caressing sea animals without fear in the Touch Pool area.

After washing your hands in the space provided, you can immediately touch the starfish, snails, flower rays, and bamboo sharks in the pond. In each area of ​​the Touch Pool, there are guard staff who are ready to guide how to caress the various marine animals correctly.

Otter Tunnel, the sensation of observing beaver life

After being satisfied to see fish, the Otter Tunnel can be another entertaining place in the Jakarta Aquarium. This zone one is specifically a place for beavers. Here, you can observe the life of these adorable creatures up close.

In fact, you can make closer observations through a glass tunnel that connects you directly to the middle of their habitat. Don’t forget to capture the beavers’ behavior with your camera!

Pearl of the South Sea, the sensation of watching mermaids dance

Besides the Sea Explorer rides, the other theater attractions that you need to see in the Jakarta Aquarium are the Pearl of the South Sea. The show, directed by Peter Wilson from Australia tells the story of the South Coast Kingdom folklore in world-class theatrical packaging that combines drama, music, and dance.

In the middle of the show, you can feel for yourself the sensation of watching mermaids dance in an aquarium. In fact, you can take pictures together when the show ends.

Pingoo, the sensation of eating with Humboldt penguins

After exploring the ocean, it’s time for you to fill your stomach. Interestingly, Jakarta Aquarium offers a unique dining sensation in its restaurant called Pingoo. This beachfront restaurant invites visitors to enjoy a variety of delicious seafood and meat while accompanied by Penguin Humbolt.

During meals, you can play with penguins from Chile and Peru. When else to eat seafood platter while taking pictures with cute flocks other than here?

Ocean Wonders, the sensation of bringing the sea world home

Satisfied around all over Jakarta Aquarium, now is the time to hunt for fruit to take home. Ocean Wonders is a special boutique where you can buy various typical Jakarta Aquarium souvenirs such as shark dolls, stingrays, octopuses, penguins, and all the underwater world icons. Bring memories of adventure under the sea with these cute souvenirs, huh!

That’s the 8 rides of the Jakarta Aquarium that can make you feel the sensation in the ocean even though you are in a mall.

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