Unique Traditions in Various Countries Greetings by Spitting Come Late For Meetings

8 Unique Traditions in Various Countries Greetings by Spitting, Come Late For Meetings

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8 Unique Traditions in Various Countries Greetings by Spitting, Come Late For Meetings

For example the tradition in Egypt , where the bride will be pinch by her friends before the wedding. According to belief in Egypt this tradition is believed to bring good luck to the bride. Here are 8 surprising unique traditions from various countries that have been summarized by Landdisposition.com

No toilet paper ( India )

If you visit India don’t be surprised if you don’t find toilet paper there. Instead you will find water from a small bucket found next to the toilet. Water in this small bucket is used instead of tissue. It is said that Indian society believes that using toilet paper is a bad idea. Because the object can clog the pipe and produce additional waste.

Say hello by spitting ( Kenya )

If spitting is considered rude in many cultures, this does not apply to the Maasai tribe in Kenya. This method is actually used to greet and show respect. Tribal members will spit in their hands before shaking hands with their opponents. In fact, they also do this to newborns and brides to bless them and bring them luck.

Break the Plate Before Marriage ( Germany )

A few weeks before German marriage , a tradition known as Polterabend occurred. The couple’s guests bring crushed pottery at the couple’s house. After that, the bride and groom must clean up the pieces of pottery. This tradition is believed to bring good luck and encourage teamwork for their upcoming marriage.

Throwing Furniture Outside the Window ( South Africa )

On New Year’s Eve many countries celebrate with fireworks. Meanwhile in South Africa various types of traditions have survived since the end of apartheid. To celebrate the new year, people throw their furniture outside the window and onto the streets below. This tradition is monitored by police forces to ensure that no one is injured.

Business Meeting in a Sauna ( Finland )

Saunas are a fairly thick culture in Finland. Even this place also functions as a historic place to give birth. Uniquely sauna is also commonly used as a place to discuss business or even political issues. In fact, it is a common tradition in the business world for colleagues or business partners to go to the sauna together to be able to talk more relaxed.

Bitten by Bullet Ants ( Brazil )

In the Brazilian tribe of Sateré-Mawé, when a boy is an adult, he must do traditional dance. Not only that, while wearing gloves filled with bullet ants. This ceremony is very challenging, because the bullet ant bite is one of the most painful insect bites in the world.

Come Too Late ( Venezuela )

Generally if you want to attend an event we will try to arrive on time. But unlike the tradition in Venezuela, it is common for people to be late than planned. Venezuelans enjoy a leisurely step when it comes to business, and for large social events to come late means making the location of the event less crowded.

Throw Cinnamon Powder to Singles ( Denmark )

The old traditions of 16th-century Denmark still survive today. If someone stays single on their birthday, their friends will shower them with cinnamon powder. This tradition refers to Danish spice traders who often do not have time to get married because of their travel across the continent.

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