Best 7 Countries to Enjoy Hot air Balloon

Best 7 Countries to Enjoy Hot air Balloon

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Best 7 Countries to Enjoy Hot air Balloon

Want to see a hot air balloon scene ? Or want to feel how exciting the hot air balloon ride is? Enjoying flying with a hot air balloon is indeed the most impressive experience. Besides in Cappadocia Turkey, there are several other countries that have the best hot air balloon tours. Curious about where it is? Check out!


Don’t just go to the Eiffel Tower to France. Every now and then you should try flying with the France Montgolfieres air balloon.

You will be invited to explore the views of the castles, noble houses, beautiful vineyards, winding rivers and vast fields. Are you ready to fly?

North Pole

Don’t think there is nothing fun to travel at the North Pole. Quark Expeditions is a company that presents air balloon tours in the North Pole. Because the weather at the North Pole often changes, the height of the air balloon is also adjusted to the conditions. Although the temperature is very extreme, it is guaranteed to still be safe.


Almost the same as Austria, this neighboring country also has hot air balloon attractions. However, you can only board a balloon when the Chateau d’Oex festival is held.

The cool thing is, this hot air balloon will take you around Mount Alph Switzerland.


The most favorite tourist attraction in Tanzania is watching wildlife. Among them are deer, leopards, lions, hippos, giraffes, elephants, and so on in Serengeti National Park.

You can observe it with a wide view from a height with a hot air balloon. March and May are the best months to fly with a hot air balloon and see the animals immigrating.


Not only the usual sights you will get when you take a hot air balloon in Austria, you will also see a view of snowy mountains that can be used for skiing.

Every January, air balloon pilots will take the tourists together to enjoy the view of the snow mountains from a hot air balloon.

New Zealand

Besides being famous for its extreme thrilling tourist attractions, New Zealand presents an exciting adventure of flying with a hot air balloon. You will be presented with an amazingly beautiful view from the top of a hot air balloon.

If you travel to New Zealand, don’t miss dropping by to Queenstown to fly with a hot air balloon. You can enjoy the charm of a sunrise up close. Beautiful!

New Mexico

We can enjoy views of super beautiful hot air balloons in New Mexico. Precisely in Albuquerque. This city often holds the International Air Balloon Festival. Don’t miss taking the moment with your best camera.

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