Vacation Spots by the World of Games

Best Vacation Spots by the World of Games

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Best Vacation Spots by the World of Games

For gamers, spending time in front of a computer screen or smartphone is very pleasant. In fact, the world can be diverted in front of a digital screen. Various places in the game often amaze us.

Sometimes we imagine, is there an actual location? Below we will list and maybe we will update on a scale basis.

American Classic Arcade Museum

Who are maniacs or follow the development of the game will definitely be interested in visiting here. The Museum of the American Classic Arcade is located in Laconia, New Hampshire, United States. The best place to reminisce about various games first.

This museum presents more than 300 classic games since the 70s era with perfect conditions. So much, the Guinness Book of World Records records it as the biggest arcade in the world.

Space Camp

Want to explore space? It’s not impossible to feel the tension of being an astronaut. NASA provides a 4-day program at Adult Space Academy about training astronauts for children. Whereas for adults the location is in Huntsville, Alabama.

You will get the experience of experiencing a world without gravity, basic lessons about rockets, and astronaut-style beds.

Universal Studio Orlando

Some theme parks present the theme of the Disney world or something. However, the different nuances you can get Universal Studios in Orlando.

This place will give you a fun experience about the magic world in the style of Harry Potter. You can enjoy railroad recreation to Hogwarts, Daigon Alley merchants, and the magician town of Hogsmeade. Everything that is arranged is very detailed and looks real.

(ZED) Event Zombie Experience Days

Feel the real horror of zombies by visiting the ZED event . You will feel the excitement like playing a Resident Evil game . ZED is located in Reading City, England, about 25 minutes from London station.

The participants will tour around abandoned shopping centers, covering an area of ​​23 thousand square meters. Equipped with weapons, you must be able to survive and feel a very realistic effect.

Museum of Computer History

The best place for you to learn the ins and outs of computers from time to time. The museum aims to preserve and present artifacts about everything about computers. You can see hardware, software, photo documentation, and so on. Located in Mountain View, California, the area of ​​the museum is around 2,300 square meters.

There is a historic PDP-1 mini computer, two restored IBM 1401 computers, and an exhibition on the history of autonomous vehicles.

Titan Missile Museum

Titan Missile Museum is suitable for you fans of war genre games . This museum collects objects in the cold war. You can find the museum by visiting Tucson, Arizona. This museum is the only one that displays Titan II nuclear missiles.

Titan II is able to produce a scale of nine megaton thermonuclear explosions with a target of around 10,000 kilometers. You can also learn the history of nuclear war between the United States and the former Soviet Union.

Hobbiton Movie Set

There are already many similar cool places in Indonesia, but none are as real as this. Hobbiton Movie Set is a Hobbit Village located in the interior of Matamata. This place is the location of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films.

With an outside area of around 100 hectares, tourists will be taken thrown into the beautiful world of nowhere. Unfortunately to enjoy this Hobbit house row, only given time for two hours.

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