El Segundo Becomes Barbie City Thanks to Mattel Inc

El Segundo Becomes Barbie City Thanks to Mattel Inc

El Segundo is one of the cities in the Los Angeles County area. El Segundo is located in Santa Monica Bay, Southern California, United States. The city is named El Segundo which is taken from Spanish which means ‘second’.

El Segundo is a small town that is calm and free of the hustle and bustle of the city in its true meaning. As a city on the coast, of course, El Segundo also has interesting places to visit. As a coastal city, of course, coastal areas have never been forgotten by people. Dockweiler Beach is often the destination of visits by local and foreign tourists.

At El Segundo, there is also the Toyota Sports Center (TSC), once a Health South Training Center, as a public place with skating facilities. This sports center is located at the corner of the road between Nash Street and Mariposa Avenue. Its position is right opposite the LA Metro station. Here there are also indoor hockey facilities, indoor basketball courts, and cafes which are used as hangouts for local teenagers. The TSC is the official training ground for the professional NBA basketball team of the Lakers and the NHL Los Angeles Kings ice hockey team.

The locals call it El Segundo as ‘Mayberry By The Sea’ because it’s right on the coast. El Segundo also keeps the other side of itself as a metropolitan city, even though it’s not as busy as New York. In the city center of El Segundo, there is a business center, which is based on giant companies engaged in space flight. Like Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and The Aerospace Corporation.

In addition, at El Segundo, there is also the Los Angeles Air Force Base and Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) air force base. Not only that, there are still Chevron Oil Refinery and Hyperion Sewage Treatment.

Which makes this city famous not only in America but also the world. Because the famous Barbie doll was born in this city. Precisely in 1945 stood Mattel Inc. the biggest toy company based on income. Of course, the most famous product is the Barbie doll. But Mattel Inc. also manufactures Hotwheels and Matchbox cars. Barbie dolls were born in this city around 1959. The development of this city is like never-ending. In 1960 with its establishment, El Segundo accepted the presence of The Aerospace Corporation and Los Angeles Air Force Base. Two places for this flight, caused this small town to be nicknamed ‘The Aerospace Capital of the World’ or as the City of Space Aviation.

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