Kanamara Matsuri / Penis Festival in Japan

Festive Celebration of the Kanamara Matsuri / Penis Festival in Japan

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Festive Celebration of the Kanamara Matsuri / Penis Festival in Japan

Every year on the first Sunday in April, you will see different sights in the Kawasaki region, Japan. Don’t be surprised that one of them is a giant penis that is paraded in the middle of a big road to enliven the Penis Festival.

The festival is located right next to Kanamara Matsuri where thousands of people gather to celebrate one thing, the male sex organ. Initially it sounds strange indeed, but the procurement is certainly not without reason.

The area where the Penis Festival was held turned out to have been known for centuries with male sex organs. This refers to the story of local who say that this area is a holy place for followers of Shinto beliefs.

Believed, a red-faced devil with jealous sharp teeth hid in a goddess’s vagina and bit her penis from her first two husbands. Until the third marriage, the god’s penis made of iron managed to break the demon’s teeth.

He also won the heart of the beautiful faced goddess, while the devil was sent back to his realm to receive punishment for what was done. This story then leaves the celebration in the form of performances of the Penis Festival every year as a form of gratitude.

While the compulsory procession of the Penis Festival is a celebration of thousands of years of existence of gods worshiped by Shinto hugs, euphoria with different ways is seen throughout the celebration arena.

Many visitors who hold penis lollipop and take pictures with them, and not a few who wear costumes to celebrate the festival to the fullest. Clothing worn certainly has penis elements according to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcelebration.

The highlight of this event is the giant penis statue procession. Every year there are three statues of penises which are paraded, of which two of them are made of iron, reflecting the worshiped deity, while the other one is an illustration for anime lovers with such shapes, colors, and depictions.

Also, there are many traders who sell clothes, sweets, food, toys, and make this event a moment for social movements to increase the cost of research on HIV.

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