Hallgrímskirkja church
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Hallgrímskirkja, Exotic Church in Iceland

This Hallgrímskirkja is located precisely in Reykjavik, Iceland. The largest Lutheran Church in Iceland. This church is also one of the highest buildings in the country and certainly the most impressive. Its peak, which is 74.5 m high (244 feet), can be seen from a distance. Leif Eriksson statue – a Viking explorer – also placed in front of the church.

In 1937, Icelandic architects were assigned to design special church buildings, which were influenced by the surreal landscape of Iceland, which was defined by basalt lava flows. This church has the same / adapted from the work of a stunning natural waterfall, Black Waterfall, which is said to be the main design reference of the church.

In the construction of the church, it also takes a long time. It took 38 years to build this Hallgrímskirkja church. An organ that has a large pipe is stored inside the church and is very often used, not only for church services but also used by artists during recording. The viewpoint above the church will give a beautiful view of the capital and the mountains that surround it. And when the church is lit on the day of the Reykjavik Winter Festival, it will make it look beautiful and majestic.

Iceland is an amazing country, with an extraordinary and unique nature. The cities like Nordic are also comfortable and attractive. If you come to Iceland, Hallgrímskirkja is certainly a must for us to visit. Don’t forget, if you go to Iceland, don’t forget to go to this old, grand and historic building.

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