Banwa Private Island Most Expensive Luxury Resort in the World

Most Expensive Luxury Resort in the World, Rates $ 100.000 Per Night

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Most Expensive Luxury Resort in the World, Rates almost $ 100.000 Per Night

Banwa Private Island has become one of the most expensive luxury resorts in the world, at a cost of Rp. 1.4 billion per night. Staying at the most expensive private resort in the world can be felt in Banwa Private Island. This luxury resort occupies the whole of Puerco Island in Palawan, Philippines.

To achieve this, a traveler needs to take a helicopter or sea plane first.

Banwa Private Island provides 6 villas, suites and various facilities that make a traveler feel at home for long there. This luxury resort villa is furnished with spacious rooms, which overlook the beach and the beautiful ocean that spoils the eyes.

From the top of the bed, the views presented are clearly visible along with a number of side rooms which are lined with modern glass windows. Each villa is equipped with an infinity pool and hot tub. While staying at this luxury resort, of course, a traveler can stay fit by exercising and try out various exciting activities. Tennis courts, golf play areas and access to jet skiing are available.

Besides that, you can also do scuba diving, sailing in the waters around luxury resorts and playing kayak. If you want a relaxing activity, please sunbathe on the beach. A walk on the beach with relatives who participated in the stay was certainly quite pleasant.

Looking at the blue ocean with a clean white sand beach, it is really suitable to unwind. If you want to try out a spa, here is also available. For business, even the traveler who stays at the luxury resort will be so spoiled. There is a team of chefs who are ready to provide a wide selection of delicious food and drinks. For a seafood menu, for example, it is processed from freshly caught fish.

The vegetable menu cooked by the luxury resort chef was chosen from fresh vegetables. With all these facilities, it does make the price of the stay quite expensive. The price of staying here reaches $ 100,000 or around 5.203.500 Philippine Piso per night.

But because this type is a private resort, the price includes renting all rooms in the resort. In order for the cost to be cheaper, a traveler can make an appointment first with friends and relatives if you want to stay there. With villas and suite rooms available, around 48 people can be accommodated.

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