Rare Blue Banana Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Rare Blue Banana Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream

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Rare Blue Banana Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Yellow bananas are characteristic, but have you ever seen a blue banana?

Apparently, there are real you know. Reportedly this banana with blue skin has a taste and texture that resembles vanilla ice cream. The banana, known as Blue Java Banana, has blue skin that looks shiny with an oval shape and reaches 7 inches long.

The blue color of the banana skin is natural, bro Sis, not because you are given a dye injection. However, the blue color of the Blue Java Banana appears because of natural vegetation.

Besides being called Blue Java Banana, this banana has many names. For example like Ice Cream Banana, Hawaiian Banana, Krie, and also Cenizo. This blue banana is a banana in general, which grows in Asia, Australia, and Hawaii.

This banana is famous for its striking blue color, besides that Blue Java Banana is also famous for its sweet taste and aroma, resembling vanilla ice cream. Wow, it looks like it’s really cool, to be made into smoothies, especially for breaking fast!

It seems like it’s really like making a drink or it’s good to eat right away. But besides being used as a material for consumption, Blue Java Banana is also known as an ornamental plant, because the blue color is considered unusual.

If you are walking to Hawaii, don’t forget to try a blue banana dish! Or maybe you can try planting yourself by buying seeds online.

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