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9 Sculpture Tourism in Indonesia

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9 Sculpture Tourism in Indonesia

The controversy over the Guan Yu Statue in Tuban, East Java has become a hot topic. The statue reaps a lot of protests from local residents because of its height. Besides that, this Guan Yu Statue is considered not in accordance with the teachings of religion, because it is considered to be the supreme of the One.

The Guan Yu statue is dominated by green, golden yellow and brown, besides this Guan Yu statue spends around Rp. 2.3 billion. Guan Yu is a war general in the Three Nations Period. For those of you who are fans of the Dynasty Warrior game or ‘fans of the 3 kingdom’, you must be familiar with him.

Well, but besides the Statue of Guan Yu in Tuban, there are still many tourism statues in Indonesia that are no less interesting. Do you want to know anything? See below:

Santa Maria Assumpta, Ambarawa (Central Java)

One of the attractions in the Gua Maria Kerep Ambarawa (GMKA) is the statue of the Virgin Mary which is claimed one of the highest in the World.

From a distance the statue had seen a towering height. His name is the Virgin Mary Assumpta Statue. This statue is not far from the location of the Maria Cave. The sculpture stands 23 meters high and the support height is 19 meters.

Sleeping Buddha Statue, Mojokerto (East Java)

This statue is located in Maha Vihara Majapahit, Bejijong Village, Trowulan, Mojokerto.

This statue is the 3rd largest Buddha Statue in the world, guys!

So if you take a trip to Mojokerto, you must visit this statue. You can show off pretty well if you think you’re on holiday in Thailand. Plus, you can also promote this place so that visitors will be more crowded!

Statue of Jesus, Toraja (South Sulawesi)

In Tana Toraja, you will find this statue. This statue is on a hill called Buntu Burake Hill. Located above an altitude of 1100 masl, standing firmly with a statue of Jesus about 40 meters high.

At a glance, this statue resembles the Statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So you want to go to Brazil, but haven’t done it yet, you can take pictures here.

Located on Buntu Burake Hill, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi

Lord Murugan, Langkat (North Sumatra)

This statue is about 16 meters tall! And you don’t need to go far to Malaysia if you want to meet this Lord Murugan Statue, just to Medan you can already see it.

This statue is around the Amman Kovil Shri Raja Rajeswari Temple. All materials and workers are imported from India! This statue itself was built in 2012.

Lord Murugan is a god of war who protects the Tamils. Well for those of you who want to come here, you can enter this temple because it is opened every day, but only until 12.00. Don’t forget to take a photo!

You can find this statue in Padang Cermin Village, Selesai District, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra

Goddess Kwan yin Statue, Pematang Siantar (North Sumatra)

For those of you who follow the story of Sun Go Kong, it’s definitely not foreign to the name Goddess Kwan yin. In the story Kwan Im helped Sun Go Kong a lot when he had difficulty, but not infrequently also punished if Sun Go Kong made a mistake.

Located in the Avaloskitespera Monastery Complex, Pematang Siantar City

Statue of Our Lady, Maumere (Flores)

Vacation on Flores? Don’t just go to the beach! You also have to visit one of the biggest statues in Indonesia. Located in Wuliwutik Village, this statue stands firmly at 28 meters high.

If you are here, make sure it is fit! Because you are going to climb Nilo Hill and the road is quite steep. Besides being used for photos, this statue of the Virgin Mary is also used for spiritual activities as well. So keep respecting them.

Located in Wuliwutik Village, Nita District, Flores

The Lord’s Jesus Blesses Statue , Manado

The statue of Jesus Blessing in Manado has a height of 30 meters with a support as high as 20 meters, so the total height of this statue is 50 meters. Uniquely, with a height of 50 meters, this statue can stand firm even though it has a slope of 20 degrees!

Location: Winangun Satu, Malalayang, Manado City.

Jalesveva Jayamahe Statue, Surabaya

You can find this statue in the city of Surabaya. Named Jalesveva Jayamahe Statue, which means “in our glorious ocean”, this statue stands firmly as high as 30.6 meters.

The construction of this statue takes 6 years. In addition to photo taking spots, there is also a TNI AL museum in this statue, but you have to get permission from the officer to enter. Inside the museum, you can see miniatures and models of ships that have been used by the Navy.

Statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), is a recommended place to visit in Bali.

You won’t be troubled if you want to come here, you don’t need to open the map, just need to ask the Balinese people They surely know. The GWK statue is planned to have a height of about 126 meters and a width of 60 meters and was inaugurated in 2018.

Located on Jalan Uluwatu Raya Ungasan South Kuta Village, Kab. Badung, Bali

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