Singapore Airlines is the World's Best Airline in the World

Singapore Airlines is the World’s Best Airline in the World. Here are 8 facts about the dish

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Singapore Airlines is the World’s Best Airline in the World. Here are 8 facts about the dish

Singapore Airlines has just been named the best airline in the world at Traveler’s Choice TripAdvisor 2019.

The components that make Singapore Airlines the best airlines include the comfort of aircraft seats, service, cleanliness, check-in time and boarding, food and drink, and in-flight entertainment.

Especially for foods, Singapore Airlines appoints caterers to serve foods on flights in quite fantastic quantities.

  • Fantastic Food Amount

From catering in Switzerland alone, there are 50,000 portions of food needed by Singapore Airlines. Within five hours, the catering must cook 1,500 servings of food.

  • Foodstuffs

In one week, 650 tenderloin slices of meat, more than 200 gallons of cream, and 96,150 rolls are needed. All are made from basic ingredients by catering not from frozen food.

  • The Menu Is Not Always the Same

For one or two months the food menu on Singapore Airlines will be replaced. The chef needs a three-month process to change the new food menu.

  • The Hardest Food Menu

The most complex or hardest food made by caterers are ethnic food that requires a lot of herbs and spices. Food must not be made wrong, one wrong recipe means that there are 17 kilograms of food waste produced.

  • Maintain Food Texture

To maintain the texture of food to the passengers, then the food in the catering is made half-cooked and then cooled for four hours at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. The food is then delivered to the aircraft and warmed to perfectly ripe when it reaches the passenger.

  • Important Food Portions

It turns out that the portion of food in serving is equally important. All must be the same because different portions can cause jealousy among fellow passengers.

  • Presentation of Food in Different Economy and Business Classes

To differentiate food, economy class is covered with aluminum paper and can be heated directly. Business class food is separated between sauces and ingredients. Then after being heated, it is transferred to the plate by the flight attendant.

  • Cleaning Tableware

Need a special machine with special soap to keep tableware clean.

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