Tarcoles River Deadly River In Costa Rica

Tarcoles River, Deadly River In Costa Rica

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Tarcoles River, Deadly River In Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are ordinary bridges that have unusual attractions. On the river there are a dozen large-sized crocodiles. Like a road bridge in general, this bridge in Costa Rica is connected to cities with popular beaches. The view is only a stretch of grass and swamps.

Dozens of tourists stopped at this bridge and immediately gathered at several points, looking down at the bridge. Here there are 4-7 meter crocodiles weighing hundreds of pounds under the bridge. Because of the many crocodiles that shelter under the bridge, the main bridge over the Tarcoles River is also known as ‘Puente de Cocodrilo’ or the Crocodile Bridge.

Because of the popularity, there are now traders with various crocodile accessories. There is also a restaurant that gives ‘cocodrilo’ frills on the sign. No less interesting, there is also a Crocodile Safari boat for travelers who want to be closer to the crocodile. The river is 69 mil long. Reptiles, such as the American crocodile, caiman, common basilisk and large iguanas, are also easily seen in this river.

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