The Best Season Visits Egypt
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The Best Season Visits Egypt

Egypt has a 7,000-year-old civilization history that has been seen since the Pharaoh era. Besides that, there are many other things that further add to the country’s charm, namely culture, tradition, food, and unique interesting activities. In addition, the country is the owner of several famous tourist destinations and the oldest sites in the world.

Maybe you’ve seen exhibits about Egypt elsewhere, but that won’t be worth the beauty of Egypt if you visit it directly. To feel the charm of this country, you can come to the Giza Pyramid complex and follow it up close. You can also visit King Tutankhamen’s legendary historical tomb.

Ahmed Amr Ahmed Moawad invited tourists to come to his country from April to June, which he called the best time to visit Egypt. “Mid-year is the most enjoyable moment in Egypt. Spring is certainly a special thing for tourists because there are various celebrations on the streets and city parks. People will come out of the house and share joy,” Ahmed explained.

During April to June, spring takes place in Egypt and is marked by the national holiday Sham El Nessim, which literally means kissing the breeze. The air temperature is also not too hot.

The tradition from ancient Egypt brought together Muslims and Christians in celebrating seafood on the beach, public parks, zoos, and other green open spaces.

To visit Egypt, All tourist still have to take a tourist visa. The manufacturing process is similar to visas to other countries. Especially for Egypt, the tariff is the US $ 40 for single entry and the US $ 60 for multiple entries.

Egypt’s tourism revenues in the first half of 2018 reached the US $ 4.8 billion (around Rp67.5 trillion).

One effort to increase the number of tourist visits by the Egyptian government in early January 2019 began to build the Sphinx International Airport, which is located near the Giza Pyramid and the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The airport is part of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism’s plan to improve access to a number of historic sites that are tourist destinations.

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