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The Most Beautiful Public Toilets in the World Built for $ 1,8 M

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The Most Beautiful Public Toilets in the World Built for $ 1,8 M

What do you expect from a public toilet? The place is clean and does not smell just enough to make it comfortable when using it.

Well, you will be amazed if you see this public toilet in Norway. Many people call it the most beautiful public toilet in the world. Even this building does not look like a public toilet but is more like the work of an art installation or avant-garde architecture. Agree?

Quoted from the Telegraph, this public toilet stands on the edge of the fjord; a kind of bay that comes from a glacier or glacial melt. Precisely on the Fv17 road in Ureddplassen, Storvik, Norway.

Public toilets are in gray wave-shaped buildings, with frosted glass windows and warm, beautiful yellow glow. Contrast with the white and gray scenery outside.

Designed by architects Marit Justine Haugen and Dan Zohar from Oslo, this public toilet is also equipped with a bathroom. On the outside of the toilet, there is also a long chair made of marble Norwegian Rose. The chair is intended for visitors who are lining up the toilet.

While waiting in line, visitors can enjoy the super beautiful scenery around Helgelandskysten, in the form of mountains and the open sea.

This public toilet is part of the rest area on the Norwegian Scenic Routes. To build a toilet with this beautiful exterior, it costs up to 1.4 million pounds, or around $ 1,8 million.

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