Tree Goats Phenomenon in Morocco

The Tree Goats Phenomenon in Morocco, There is a Pathetic Story Behind it

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The Tree Goats Phenomenon in Morocco, There is a Pathetic Story Behind it

Not only Asia, but the country in North Africa also did not escape the spotlight of tourists. Not even a few of the artist’s vacation to Morocco. Marrakesh, Rabat, Casablangan, including several popular cities to visit. In addition to the big city, there is one of the most famous destinations, namely the city of Tamri with Tree Goats.

Tourism is very popular with tourists. But there is a sad story behind it. Here are the facts.

Become a Mainstay Destination in Morocco

The phenomenon of “Tree Goats” is not a new thing. It has even become a mainstay for tourists who are on vacation in Tamri, Morocco. This tree makes the goat willing to climb it.

The question of the balance doesn’t need to be questioned because the animal is able to set foot and not fall even though it is at the top. Because of its uniqueness, many of the tourists take pictures as a form of memento.

Argan Tree

But not all trees will be climbed. Only the Argan Tree managed to steal the attention of the goats. Herbivorous animals are very fond of the fruit produced by the Argan Tree.

The pod is 2 to 4 cm long and produces a sweet aroma. July is the season for fruitful Argan trees. This phenomenon also makes farmers feel helped to be able to harvest fruit.

Forced to Climb by Farmers

Behind its uniqueness, it is unfortunate that the Goat Tree phenomenon is engineered by local farmers. The goats were brought from various regions in Morocco and forced by farmers to be placed on the Argan tree. A photographer named Aaron Gekoski investigated that farmers manipulated the phenomenon to attract tourists to get money.

Skinny Goat Condition

Sadly, the goats will be brought home at dusk and return in the early morning the next day. Even the farmers make shifts to exchange exhausted and fallen goats with other goats. Information obtained from TheSun, the goats there looked thin and stressed.

When they are in a tree, they cannot find grass below. In addition, the goats were also tormented because they were stung by the sun all day. Even Aaron also heard reports that the goat would be killed when it was at the end of its lifetime.

It turns out that the phenomenon we see about the Goat Tree is not something that happens naturally. This invited criticism from activists. Hopefully, this will not happen again.

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