The Zagros Mountains, Beauty of Domes and Salt Glaciers in the Persian Gulf

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The Zagros Mountains, Beauty of Domes and Salt Glaciers in the Persian Gulf

The Zagros Mountains are a series of mountains located in the Persian Gulf, precisely on the western side of the Iranian State and connecting them with Turkey and Iraq. The Zagros Mountains look like asymmetrical folds of land with several mountains and hills. These mountains are a source of life for the surrounding communities, fertile land is used as a lot of land for farming.

There is one uniqueness of the Zagros Mountains that attracts tourists to visit, namely the presence of domes and salt glaciers that envelop this mountain. So that when viewed from a distance, the part of the mountain covered with a dome and a salt glacier will look beautiful blue, in contrast to the hills next to it which are brownish in color.

The formation of domes and salt glaciers in the Zagros Mountains cannot be separated from past geological events. Millions of years ago, the Persian Gulf was once a wider sea area that is currently known. The area of ​​the Persian Gulf covers the Arabian Peninsula to the west of Iran. Because of the shifting of the tectonic plate and the increase in the temperature of the earth, some of the sea water on the western side of Iran dries up and leaves remnants of salt deposits.

Rainwater flowing from the mountains causes salt deposits to accumulate and thicken. Because these events make salt mount and make it move naturally. The phenomenon of the movement of mountains of salt is referred to as tectonic salts which rise and fall through the rocks.

Over time, the mountain of salt changes the shape of a dome. Local people often refer to it as Diapir. Sometimes flanked penetrates and spreads to the surface horizontally like a glacier. Salt domes are natural events that can occur in several places on earth. However, the salt dome in the Zagros Mountains is the most cumulative so UNESCO is designated as one of the world heritage sites.

There are more than 130 salt domes in the southern part of the Zagros Mountains. Some salt caves of up to 6.4 km in length are also found in this region. In the future, salt domes are possible to be explored considering the rocks that form the foundation of salt domes have the opportunity to stem oil.

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