best delicious Pizza in Italy

Top 10 Best Restaurant to Eat Pizza in Italy

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Top 10 Best Restaurant to Eat Pizza in Italy

Pizza is an Italian dish. Cuisine of bread with a variety of toppings and delicious and tasty cheese is generally a heavy meal that is eaten for dinner or lunch.

Bread for the pizza is usually made from wheat bread baked along with cheese and topping. The cheese that is commonly used for pizza is mozzarella cheese which is not only delicious, but also functions to unite the bread and toppings. There are a variety of choices to choose from for pizza toppings ranging from minced meat, pickled olives, vegetables, pineapple, and more. This pizza variant can be the specialty of each restaurant in making pizza, as well as from various bread textures.

For those of you who love pizza, it’s not complete if you haven’t felt the authentic taste of this cuisine in their home country. Here are 10 places in Italy that serve the best pizza that you must try.

Pizzarium, Rome

Chef Gabriele Bonci’s pizza restaurant is in Rome. The specialty of the restaurant is the flour used for the bread made from Buratto flour originating from northern Italy. The use of flour is considered capable of producing very soft bread. Besides that, pizza bread here is cooked without topping like most other pizza restaurants. New toppings will be added after the pizza is ordered, and there are always typical toppings in each season. Some food critics recommend Pizza con le Patate as a menu that you must try at the Pizzarium. This menu is a unique pizza dish with potato topping and mozzarella cheese.

50 Kalò, Naples

This pizza restaurant in the city of Naples is indeed still new, but 50 Kalò will give you the experience of enjoying a traditional Italian neapolitan pizza of a fairly large size. Some food critics give a positive assessment of the presentation of pizza at 50 Kalò. The peculiarities of 50 Kalò are the quality of bread dough and other ingredients, and the innovations that emerge from traditional neapolitan pizza offerings. For those of you who want to taste authentic pizza or just taste the pizza for the first time, 50 Kalò is the right choice. The pizza menu recommended here is Marinara or Pizza del’Alleanza which is a pizza dish containing mozzarella, lard, onions, and Romano cheese.

Pizzeria La Notizia, Naples

Another pizza restaurant in Naples that serves delicious pizza in Italy. Pizzeria La Notizia is one of the most famous pizza restaurants in the city of Naples. The pizza concept served by Pizzaria La Notizia is a classic neapolitan pizza of high quality and brings the distinctive feel of Italian pizza in his native land. Chef Enzo Concia who is the owner of this restaurant is known as a yeast expert, so the pizza bread he made could be one of the best in Italy especially in Naples. Pizza recommendations here are Margherita DOP which is a classic neapolitan pizza with a taste you will never forget.

Saporè, Verona

This pizza restaurant in the city of Verona has its own uniqueness compared to other pizza restaurants which generally only serve one type of bread dough for the entire menu with a variety of toppings. But in Saporè you can find various types of pizza bread dough. Saporè became very iconic because of the expertise of chef Renato Basco who consistently can make a variety of dough consistently and is said to be almost never wrong. Some critics recommend Mortadella, Misticanza and Pistacchi, namely pizza with toppings Stracchino, mozzarella, Mortadella, mesclun and pistachio cheese as a typical pizza dish of this restaurant.

Starita, Naples

Starita is a pizzeria in the city of Naples and currently has a branch in New York City, America. At Starita, you will not get super fast service for a pizza because all the menus here are made from super fresh ingredients. Your waiting time will not be in vain when a portion of pizza from Starita reaches your table. Not only serving grilled pizza, this pizza restaurant also serves fried pizza that feels lighter and is suitable as a belly-chopping snack. The menu recommended in this restaurant is Montanara provola, pizza with stuffed Campania smoked cow milk cheese and grilled tomatoes.

Da Attilio, Naples

The city of Naples is the home town of pizza, so it’s not surprising that many pizza restaurants are here. One of the best pizzas in Italy can be found at Da Attilio, which is also in the city of Naples. Many critics consider the Da Attilio flavored dish to be a distinctive taste of authentic Italian pizza in ancient times. One of the menus that you must try is Carnevale. This pizza is star-shaped, unlike most round-shaped pizzas, with tomato toppings, mozzarella, sausages, grated cheese and ricotta-stuffed skin.
Gusto Divino, Saluzzo (Piedmont)

If you are looking for good pizza in Italy that has a large portion, Gusto Divino is the restaurant you must go to. This pizzeria is in Saluzzo, a district in the province of Cuneo. Gusto Divino’s pizza restaurant is very prominent in this area because most restaurants here serve traditional Italian cuisine in addition to pizza. All raw materials in this restaurant use high-quality local ingredients such as Castelmagno cheese to Burrata cheese from Gioia Colle di Puglia. You must try Croccante Caprino, which is a pizza filled with burrata cheese and Iberico Ham.

O Fiore Mio, Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna)

The pizza restaurant ‘O Fiore Mio is in the Ravenna district of Emilia-Romagna province. The restaurant also has the ‘O Fiore Mio Strada branch in the Bologna district and in the city of Milan. In Ravenna, you can enjoy pizza with a cool, seaside atmosphere. Pizza served using high-quality ingredients by holding traditional pizza recipes. One menu that is the mainstay of this pizza restaurant is Romana, which is pizza with tomato topping, San Marzano, mozzarella cheese, anchovy, and oregano.

La Pizzeria Sud, Florence

In the city of Florence you can find a pizza restaurant that you should try named Sud. In this restaurant you can find a variety of traditional pizza menus such as Margherita, Napoli and Marinara, with extraordinary flavors. Neapolitan pizza here is made of dough from 3 kinds of flour, sweet tomatoes and mozzarella from buffalo milk. For recommendations, you should try the classic Margherita and Marinara pizza Sud.

Pizzeria Da Ezio, Alano di Piave (Veneto)

Pizzeria Da Ezio is in the Alano district of Piave in the Veneto province. This pizzeria has a typical pizza dish developed by chef Denis Lovatel. The bread dough known as “Tonda Crunch” has a texture that is light, crunchy, and easy to digest. Special menus such as Flower Power, are seasonal menus that you must taste. You will find unique pizzas with toppings in mozzarella latte or cheese from cow’s milk, escolare vegetables, anchovy sauce, and edible flowers. Another menu that you can taste is La Parmigiana dei Re with the filling of San Marzano tomatoes, confit of grape tomatoes, roasted eggplant, and Grana Padano chips.

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