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What to Buy in Bali for Souvenir

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What to Buy in Bali for Souvenir

Milk Pie

Well, here is the most legendary snack from Bali . I am sure that most of your family and friends have told you to buy milk cake pie. The shape is round like a pie generally, but more flat. And the best part is the milk fla in the middle. Yummy! It feels melted in the mouth and the sweetness is on the tongue!

Kintamani Coffee

For those who are fans of coffee, do not miss Kintamani coffee . As the name suggests, arabica coffee is indeed cultivated in the Kintamani area, Bali. The most prominent taste of Kintamani coffee is the orange flavor with a medium body and not too bitter. The acidity itself is quite low. You can also smell the scent of citrus and herbal flavors.

Sarong Bali

Sarong Bali does have a very distinctive motif, ranging from flowers to colorful abstract motifs. This cloth is also called beach sarong. Maybe it’s because it’s sold on tourist beaches in Bali.

Balinese Bracelets

You can also make cute bracelets for easy souvenirs. The ones who sell these souvenirs are also quite a lot. If your budget is low, just buy it in stores that are not too expensive. At the very least, you can get it from around IDR 5,000-45,000.

Balinese Painting

As the center of the best arts in Indonesia, of course Bali is very famous for its paintings. Starting from realist-style paintings such as pictures of paddy field to abstract-style paintings available in most souvenir centers.

The price of paintings in the center of souvenirs is usually not too expensive, around IDR 200,000-350,000

Sculpture (Wood Crafts)

Wooden arts crafts are also centered in the Gianyar region even though the products can also be easily found in urban shops. These carved wooden crafts are very diverse in shape with varying sizes. However, make sure you have enough space in your suitcase or bag to carry these souvenirs.

As a suggestion, if you want to get a cheap price, don’t look for it in a modern shop. You can search on roadside stalls with bargaining skills.


Balinese kites can be the right souvenir for children. In addition to its diverse shapes, the colors and patterns are very interesting. One of the most famous is a kite shaped like a ship and an eagle.

You can easily get this Balinese kite in the center of souvenirs as well as in shops along the tourist attractions. The price tag will vary according to its size. For small kites, you can buy from the price of IDR 50,000 only.

Batik Bali

Like other regions in Indonesia, Bali also has its own regional batik. If you want to reward those who are batik collectors, don’t forget this gift. Balinese Batik motifs are quite unique and highly uphold the original culture. You can find motifs that tell the story of the gods or culture about the Island of the Gods.

The price also depends on the ingredients. For cotton and stamp you can usually take it home with prices starting at IDR 60,000. If the higher level is like written batik with songket or woven material, the price can be around IDR 500,000.

Handcrafted Bag

Bali rattan bag is a unique and artistic bag. Besides this bag is also much liked because it is environmentally friendly. You can find Bali Rattan Bags in all tourist areas of Bali, especially in the Ubud Market. Not only bags, even plate and tissue boxes are also made from rattan.

Barong shirt

This shirt only shows typical Balinese figures, namely Barong ( Barong Shirt ) And for the colors there are also various kinds. Barong clothes are produced from toddlers to adults. The material is different, ranging from very thin to quite thick.

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