What to Buy in Singapore for Souvenir

What to Buy in Singapore for Souvenir

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What to Buy in Singapore for Souvenir

Confused looking for souvenirs while traveling to Singapore?

Singapore not only have a lot of tourist and culinary places, Singapore also has a lot of souvenirs and souvenirs that you can bring to your family, friends and loved ones souvenirs or just to keep a memento of your trip there. For example like this.

Knick-knack and T-shirt

You can hunt for typical Singapore knick-knacks that exist. Ranging from Singaporean keychains, Singaporean mascot dolls, Merlion displays, postcards, snow globe. You can find typical Singapore knick-knacks and t-shirt in various places. Starting at Mustafa Center, National Gallery of Singapore, Design Orchard to the souvenir shop that you meet at Sentosa after crossing with the existing cable car. Prices vary. For example key chains can be purchased from a range of 2 SGD to 10 SGD for 5 to 36 key chains.

Merlion Chocolate

There are various brands of chocolate that you can bring home. One of them is especially if it’s not the Merlion chocolate which is famous and synonymous with Singapore because of its iconic lion head shape.

To hunt this chocolate while in Singapore there are many places that you can visit. For example in Mustafa Center in the area of ​​little India or One Dollar Store Shopping on Bugis Street.


One of the cookies that you must bring from Singapore is the cookie from The Cookie Museum. Since its establishment in 2004, The Cookie Museum has indeed been known to have created the best quality cookies with authentic flavors including the distinctive taste of Singapore. Located Marina Square Shopping Mall and Raffles City Shopping Center. The price around 16 SGD to 33 SGD.

Coconut jam

One of the famous Coconut jams in Singapore is Ya Kun Kaya. If you like Kaya toast, which is usually served for breakfast in Singapore, this might be an alternative. This jam is made from eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves. Price around 5 SGD – 10 SGD.


Bakkwa is actually a snack from China, but in Singapore Bakkwa has its own distinctive taste. Bak Kwa is snack made from processed pork or beef or chicken which is marinated with sugar, soy sauce and spices then baked with charcoal. In addition to its delicious taste, Bak Kwa is also durable and hassle-free when carried on a plane. Bak Kwa is sold at prices ranging from 6 to 50 SGD.

Orchid Perfume

Many types of perfume that you can get in Singapore. But if you want to find an unusual perfume, you might be able to choose orchid perfume from this Singapore Memories brand. This Singapore Memories perfume is known for its uniqueness using a mixture of varieties from native orchids, the national flower of Singapore. Some of the famous perfume collections from Singapore Memories that you can choose include the Aranda 1965 variant, One Degree North, Orchid by The Bay, The Orient and Vanda 1981. Singapore Memories perfume is priced at 28 to 168 SGD, depending on size.

Singapore Sling (Cocktail)

You can also buy this iconic drink from Singapore. The Singapore Sling has been known as one of the legendary drinks from Bartender Long Bar and Ngiam Tong Boon since the 1930s. The Singapore Sling is known to have a refreshing sensation that comes from gin, soda, pineapple and lemon which are the main ingredients. You can buy a Singapore Sling starting at 30 SGD in various places ranging from souvenir shops, Raffles Hotels to Changi Airport.


Tea lovers must bring tea from Singapore home as souvenirs. Actually there are a lot of Singapore tea brands that you can buy right there, but some of them that are already known for their quality and taste that you can choose are TWG and Gryphon Tea, there are 800 types of tea you can choose. Tea is easily found in shops in the city center.

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